Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gearing up

For the big day! Halloween that is! S has decided she is going to be a laundry basket full of dirty clothes!LOL! She asked me the other day if she could "borrow" one of the laundry baskets...I was a little wary, and asked her what for...I knew better than to think she was actually going to put any of the dirty clothes on her floor in the basket! She said she wanted to cut a hole in it and make it her Halloween costume...genius!! J is going as a "50's girl" and B is going to be London costume for her too, she is wearing one of S' old competition costumes and the rest I will just use make up fo...YAY for cheap costumes! LOL!

The dance studio is having a party tomorrow night so the girls are all excited, J is bringing a friend so she is doublely excited! I am in the middle of making as many mini cupcakes as I can for the party and then I need to make some regular size cupcakes for the girls classes on Friday..maybe not S''s so not cool to have your mom make stuff to bring to school you know!LOL!!

So, in a nutshell, it is Halloween central around here! Up to our necks in frosting and sprinkles! But you know I secretly love it! And S' class just may end up with cupcakes anyway!!! Bwahhhhaaaahahahaha!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

DD1 and dd2 went to the pumpkin farm with their Girl Scout troop today, I took dd3 and went with them as a driver too, it was so much fun! It's the same farm that we've been to for years, but we never did the tour, but today we did the tour of the farm. It was pretty cool! We went on a tractor ride around the farm, they have 700 acres, 25 dedicated to pumpkins and Christmas trees, learned how pumkins are planted and why they plant 3 seeds in each hole, we got to go in the petting zoo and play with the baby goats and sheep, then the girls got to pick their own pumkin to take home (just a little one, but hey were still excited about it!). We packed a lunch and ate there and then the girls all got to play on the hay tower, they were exhausted by the time we got home! It was a good day! It's funny to watch them in this environment though, when we grew up we had wildlife and such all over the place and now I have to drive 15 miles away to let my kids enjoy it! City kids!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am so tired of this heat!!!!

Maybe I'm just not cut out to be living in Southern California!LOL! I HATE BEING HOT!!! It is October for goodness sakes! You have no idea how much I would love to decorate for Fall, but it's still 100*F today! UGH!!! I swear I want to move out of this dang state...with the weather being only one reason to get outta here! *sigh* I know there are so many people who would love to live here, where it doesn't get bitterely cold, no ice storms or snow storms, but I'm telling you, I would love it! As long as I didn't have to go anywhere! If I could have my little fire going and dinner going on the stove and everyone home and cozy..ahh..I can dream, can't I?! Maybe one day!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's official!

I suck at housekeeping! I have all the right ideas, I just can't implement them! So frustrating too! I'm sure part of it is I just don't have enough room to put things. Or maybe I just am a terrible housekeeper!LOL! When we walk in the house we take our shoes guess what is piled up by the front door? Yup...all kinds of shoes! UGH!!! I think I need to start a chore chart for myself...I feel like such a 6 year old! I know it's not fair to dh for him to work all teh hours he does and then to come home to complete chaos! But, I am going to do better..I AM!!! I just need something to make me accountable! Guess I could pretend my mother is coming, huh?