Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a year!

Phew! Am I glad to see 2009 go! This has been a year full of ups & downs, more than any other year that I can remember for a long time!

Johns hours got cut, along with his pay by 15%....no fun at all!! I was working 2 hours a day at the girls school, but that wasn't helping much! I got hired by Kindercare at the end of May, I was in the infant room. I loved being with babies, but boy did I hate the early hours, and the director and asst director were kind of pains to work with...kind of a holier than thou attitude. I held on through the summer though, barely! LOL!

We FINALLY bought our first house and moved in over Labor Day, that is an experience I never want to repeat! Ugh!!! We are finally starting to settle in, our wish list is growing by the day though! :)

As I said, we moved in Labor Day weekend and a week later I was offered the job I was waiting for! I went back to Head Start through the school district. I'm so happy to be back doing what I know I'm supposed to do!

The girls continue to keep us busy, Sydney in dance and Joedan and Brooklyn with soccer. We did have to do some major cutbacks with Sydneys competition dances, which breaks my heart, but hopefully in the next year we can add to the amount she does again. Its been hard on her :( Jordan continues to do well with her club soccer team, she even got to come out of the goal box and try her hand at stopper! She did great! Brooklyns team went to Commissioners Cup and did pretty well, and she made All Stars! We are thinking of letting her play Spring Soccer as well, to keep her busy.

Our Christmas was really nice, some changes to our traditions due to my Grandmas health and my good for nothing leech aunt and cousin...grrrr!!! But we managed to have a great time anyway! The girls all seemed to be happy with their gifts and we talked a lot about the true meaning of Christmas, they seem to all really "get it" which warms my heart!

As NYE approaches we are looking forward to spending time with friends and family, and really looking forward to a new year!!! Happy New Year to all, may the New Year bring you all health, happiness and prosperity!!! Bring on 2010!!!