Friday, April 15, 2011

Trying to keep focus!

What a roller coaster! On March 28 I was in a car accidnet on my way to work...I will be ok, still off work with back and shoulder pain but pretty sure the van is a total loss.

Yes you read that right, pretty sure because it hasn't been assesed yet....UGH! The insurance company took its sweet time getting to the tow yard , computer problems and just general excuses in why it was taking so long. So fast forward to April 12...the adjuster calls me to tell me he went to check out the van only to find out that the finance company REPOSSESED IT!!! Why you ask....your guess is as good as mine! We aren't behind in payments, the insurance was trying to assess it and the only answer I'm getting from the finance company is they are "trying to protect their investment" I swear if I hear that phrase one more time in my lifetime I am going to scream! So now here we are stuck in the middle....we pay our premiums and our car note and no one knows who to blame, and we are getting screwed in the end!

I do have to say that all through this John has been a rock! I am so thankful that I have him to lean on and that he is able to keep a cool head when speaking to these idiots, because I have a tendancy to get...ummm...a bit ghetto! LOL! I just want to know who dropped the ball and where so we can go to that point and fix things, but everyone is so worried about passing the buck that it looks like nothing is going to be fixed easily!

So I am just taking it one day at a time, some days an hour at a time! That is all I can do and I know it will get taken care of somehow!