Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back on Schedule?!

All 3 girls are back to school , I'm back to work, Jordan and Brooklyn are back to soccer practice and Sydney just had auditions for competition team at dance....yup, sounds like our crazy family schedule is back on!

HOWEVER!!!! I refuse to be the crazy mom I was last year, doing everything last minute, throwing a so so dinner together, rushing and fussing at the girls in the morning. I vow that this year things will run much smoother, I just can't deal with it any other way again! Sooooo, just how am I going to stop being the worlds largest procrastionator you may ask??? Well, that's where I'm a little stuck! :) So I'm going to be throwing around a few ideas and hopefully that will help me keep my sanity this year!

First off, I need to spend a few hours on the weekends and do as much prep work as I can....baking, cutting veggies, packing cookies/crackers in baggies, ironing, making a menu for the week to name a few. I also really need to make sure I'm getting enough sleep! With as much running around that I do taking care of me is a must!

I am off to make a few loaves of banana bread, get dinner going and switching the laundry over. Wish me luck! :)