Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

It is so amazing to me that another year is now over! the days and years used to just D R A G when I was a kid, but now they just fly by! We don't have any big plans for tonight, just hanging out, playing some Wii, and some board games while ringing in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest/Dick Clark. Nothing exciting, just some good family time!

Today the girls are cleaning out their room as am I. We have just too much stuff! John has a ton of clothes to clean out and I just can't stand the clutter anymore! The girls bascially just have to stragihten up, but knowing them it will take an act of Congress to get it done today without threats and tears....sigh!

I want to start the New Year with a clean slate so that is why we are cleaning. I would love to sit and redo the budget as well, with John taking a 10% pay cut (I know it SUCKS!!) so I will have to tighten up a bit here and there. With the price of gas down a bit (for now) that helps out a little. I'm hoping the groceries will start to drop a little at least, that would help a lot! I am heading to Sam's Club on Friday before we go to see Bedtime Stories and out to lunch, so I want to make sure I stock up on essentials. We also got a very generous gift of $100 gift card to Stater Brothers from some dear friends of ours, I want to try to hold onto that for a tight week, but from the budgeting I've been doing I think we can probably spend that without worrying about anything..yay!

Well, I hope the New Year brings everyone health, happiness and prosperity! Bring on 2009!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let the countdown begin!

I am so much more at peace this Christmas with everything! It is amazing! This might sound crazy, but I really think it's becasue of the radio station I have on in the car. I found a Christian radio station right when we got back from my moms house after Thanksgiving and I am loving it! The Christmas songs on there are so great and the songs they must play in their regular rotaion are wonderful too! I don't feel that rush of having to have everything the girls have on their lists, I just feel so...peaceful! I love it!

Church was spectacular yesterday as well! They did a performance of Stomp to Christmas cool! At one point they had Mary and Joseph with a baby Jesus and they were playing the song "Mary Did You Know?" and had a silent slide show of scenes from "Passion of The Christ", I cried so hard! It was beautiful!!! We will be going to the candlelight service on Wed night before we head on to my Grandmothers, I am so looking forward to it!

As for today, I slept in...much needed sleep after the crazy month we've had! I got up around felt so good! I got up and headed to the bank, went to Wal Mart to return a frame and then headed to the grocery store for pecans of all things!LOL! I stopped by Rite Aid as well and found a cute little ceramic bank for Jordan in the shape of a soccer ball..and it was only$4.99 (half off sale!)! I've dropped Sydney off at her friends house, Jordan and Brooklyn are playing a board game, I'm going to do some more baking and make dinner (prime rib was on sale...I never buy prime rib, but at that price I couldn't pass it up...) and continue with laundry. It's raining and chilly outside so I am having a great day! Now...if I weren't PMSing it just might be a perfect kind of a day!LOL!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too much to do!!!

I have a ton of things I should be doing, but here I sit in front of the computer!LOL! Typical!

I have laundry going, so that's one thing I can mark off the folding it and putting it away that's another story!HA! I think I am going to make chicken parmesean for dinner since Jordan likes it so much and I haven't made it in a while. I will start that when I get home from work. I have presents to be wrapped, baking to do , a living room to clean (all the decoration boxes are sitting in the middle of the festive!) and my dining room table has been taken over by who knows what!!!

It has finally cooled off and rained all of yesterday and it is supposed to rain again later today and tomorrow! I LOVE it! I have the windows open letting in all the crisp's finally putting me in the Christmas mood! The one thing I could do without is when John sleeps with the bedroom window wide open...BRRRRRR!! I end up wrapped up in a big blanket or two...not so good for the love life...if you know what I mean!!LOL!!!

Well, I better get going on my to do list! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

almost ready

Well, kind of anyway! I have just a few more gifts to buy and have lots of wrapping to do, the house is a mess (naturally) and the girls are fighting (of course!)..must be close to Christmas!LOL!

We finally got the tree today, it's much smaller than the trees we've had in years past, but all my ornaments are on there, now if Casper (the cat) will let them stay there is yet to be seen! I wanted to get pictures of the girls picking out the tree, a picture of them in front of it, but Brooklyn was being an evil little bugger today! I swear I WILL break her of this awful attitude of hers! It may cost me some grey hairs in the process, but that's ok! GRRRR! John has finally seen how evil she can be and is now on board of whipping her into shape!

Sydney and Jordan were supposed to go to Knott's Berry Farm with their Girl Scout troop today, but Jordan was so sick yesterday, I mean, in bed with fever and chills sick, and I didn't want to get any of the other girls sick so I decided last night that she would stay home, so at that point Sydney decided that it wouldn't be fair for her to go if her sister was sick (yep, pretty much almost crashed the van when she said that!LOL) So we were going to go to church this morning, but we ended up sleeping in, I think Jordan still needed that sleep, I know I did! I didn't even open my eyes until 9:30! That hardly ever happens anymore! It felt wonderful!!

We went to get the tree around 2:30 and then I had to go grocery shopping, where I was plensantly surprised that the prices seem to be dropping a bit! YAY!!! I spend $99, where for the same amount of food 3 weeks ago would have cost me $120 at least! That was a nice surprise! Once I got home from the store I started dinner (a Mexican beef soup, so good!) and the girls and I decorated the tree after John and Jordan put the lights on it. It's a bit crooked, but I like it!

This is our last week of school, so I will be baking gifts for the girls teachers and then I'll be doen with work until Jan!!! The girls and their cousin got their pictures taken together yesterday as well for my MIL, I will pick those up this Friday and then get a frame and I'm about done! I feel out of control in some ways, but not frantic trying to get everything done this year either! I have noticed that people in the stores are kind of rude this year, lots of cutting off and pushiness...not happy about that, but I guess I could just say "Merry Christmas" and be on my way, couldn't I?LOL!

Well, I guess I should go break up the girls latest argument! I swear! You would think they would be on their BEST behavior with it only being 10 days til Christmas...I suppose I could always let them open that Wii and then tell them until their behavior improves only Daddy and I will be playing it! MUHAHAHA!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun weekend

Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend! Saturday started out like any other Saturday, I dropped Sydney off at biggie! However, after that the craziness started!

I came home to try to get some laundry started, but quickly ran out of time, I had to take Brooklyn to dance at 11. Jordan was already dressed for the Nutcracker, so that was good, however, I had to run and get myself some black pants to wear for the Ballet, so off I went! I was quick though and got back to the studio within half an hour, Sydney was getting dressed and Brooklyn was ready for me to dress her (I had to buy her a dress while I was out too!) She looked so cute...until you got to her feet! She swore up and down that her black dres shoes were at the studio, but were they? Heck no!!! So she ended up wearing some brown summer sandles..she looked crazy! oh we grab some food and are off to the Ballet. We had so much fun! The dancers were amazing and the costumes were gorgeous! The girls got to meet some of the cast afterwards and got some autograghs too. We ran home with just enough time to grab something to eat and then we were off to the Christmas Parade in Redlands with our Girl Scout, but honestly, a parade is just a parade!LOL! We took my little Girl Scout back home and then crawled home...we were tired! Dh had ordered pizza for us all and then we watched the De La Hoya fight...yay Manny!!! I limped to bed around 11, I was just exhausted and fell right asleep.

This morning John had to go to a Union meeting regarding the pay cut they are going to be taking due to the economy..ugh...but at least he still has a job and they aren't touching his benefits! I took the girls to church, then home to have lunch, took Sydney to her extra rehersal for dance at 12, went grocery shopping, came home to put everything away and then back to the studio for Jordans extra rehersal! WHEW!!! Sydney went with 2 of her friends for one of thier birthdays to go see High School Musical 3 and go to a late lunch, she just got home about an hour ago and had a ball. Jordan and I made dinner and now the girls and John, I think, are getting ready to go to bed. I shouldn't be too far behind them!

This was one busy weekend! And the next 2 promise to be just as busy!! December is just crazy this year!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random thoughts

I need a vacation already!LOL! We got back from vacation and jumped right back into things! The next few weeks are going to be so flippin busy, I don't know how I'm going to get anything done! I guess it will somehow get done, like it always does. I need to write down each and every thing I need to do in the next few weeks, I feel kind of out of control right now, knowing that I have so much to do, yet feeling like there is too much to do to actually get anything done..make sense?

We are going to see the Nutcracker Ballet this Saturday with my Girl Scout troop, that should be fun, then that same evening we are marching in the Redlands Christmas Parade. We have done this the past few years and the girls always have fun, it's just a lot for one day! Next weekend Sydney and Jordans troop is going to Knotts Berry Farm, I think I'm going and I'll be brining Brooklyn as well. Only Jordan has been before so it should be a fun day....long but fun. The following weekend is the girls Christmas recital, nothing fancy, but an activity just the same! Add these activites onto the list of things we have going on during the week and I'm going to be exhausted! Yeah, I need to write it all down, just to keep my sanity!

I still haven't done a lot of shopping, hoping to get some done this weekend and next, and then I'm sure I'll be running around like a crazy woman Christmas normal, trying to get the last minute stuff along with all the other crazy people! Oh has to get done, right?

On a positive note...I got almost all of my Christmas cards in the mail today! YAY for me!!! It's usually much later in the month before I send those out, I'm pretty proud of my self for that!:)

I guess that's it, for now..the laundry is waiting for me and I don't think it's going to find it's own way to the washing machine!

Monday, December 1, 2008

and it's begun...

How on earth is is already December 1?! Unbelievable!!! Where did this year go? *sigh* They just fly by the older I get!

We got back into town on Saturday night after a great week of visiting with my mom and brother. I think I touched a computer one time...that's it! WOW! John and I took the kids to the Mendocino coast and as luck would have it, it was low tide! So the kids got to see all the sea life that is usually covered up in the was very cool! The weather on the coast was gorgeous! We didn't even need a sweatshirt! the weather at my moms was nice too, just one day of a bit of drizzle, but we loved that anyway! The nights were cool, but not freezing like it was last year. I got to see a few friends I haven't seen in years as well. My brother and SIL took the girls on a hike in the woods and they had a ball! Thursday was spent just hanging out, eating and playing board games (connect four will be on all of our Santa wish lists this year!). When we left on Saturday we stopped in San Francisco and John took the girls out onto the Golden Gate Bridge...the view was awesome! We got to see Alcatraz and we drove through the city, and down Lombard Street, that was very cool! We made pretty good time and the cat was so happy to see us!!! He freaked out when he thought we were going to walk out the door, but seems to be ok now..poor guy!

This is our last day of vacation before going back to school..but only for 3 weeks! YAY! I haven't gotten a bit of shopping done...plan on starting this weekend. Although we won't be going all out like we have in years past we will be focusing more on spending time together as a family. John has from Christmas Eve to January 5 (I think) off, so we will plan on doing some stuff as a family.

I guess I should sign off now, my MIL is coming over in 20 minutes to pick up the girls for an afternoon out and I haven't picked anything up in the living room...oh well! Have a great evening!