Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

It is so amazing to me that another year is now over! the days and years used to just D R A G when I was a kid, but now they just fly by! We don't have any big plans for tonight, just hanging out, playing some Wii, and some board games while ringing in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest/Dick Clark. Nothing exciting, just some good family time!

Today the girls are cleaning out their room as am I. We have just too much stuff! John has a ton of clothes to clean out and I just can't stand the clutter anymore! The girls bascially just have to stragihten up, but knowing them it will take an act of Congress to get it done today without threats and tears....sigh!

I want to start the New Year with a clean slate so that is why we are cleaning. I would love to sit and redo the budget as well, with John taking a 10% pay cut (I know it SUCKS!!) so I will have to tighten up a bit here and there. With the price of gas down a bit (for now) that helps out a little. I'm hoping the groceries will start to drop a little at least, that would help a lot! I am heading to Sam's Club on Friday before we go to see Bedtime Stories and out to lunch, so I want to make sure I stock up on essentials. We also got a very generous gift of $100 gift card to Stater Brothers from some dear friends of ours, I want to try to hold onto that for a tight week, but from the budgeting I've been doing I think we can probably spend that without worrying about anything..yay!

Well, I hope the New Year brings everyone health, happiness and prosperity! Bring on 2009!!!

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