Sunday, December 14, 2008

almost ready

Well, kind of anyway! I have just a few more gifts to buy and have lots of wrapping to do, the house is a mess (naturally) and the girls are fighting (of course!)..must be close to Christmas!LOL!

We finally got the tree today, it's much smaller than the trees we've had in years past, but all my ornaments are on there, now if Casper (the cat) will let them stay there is yet to be seen! I wanted to get pictures of the girls picking out the tree, a picture of them in front of it, but Brooklyn was being an evil little bugger today! I swear I WILL break her of this awful attitude of hers! It may cost me some grey hairs in the process, but that's ok! GRRRR! John has finally seen how evil she can be and is now on board of whipping her into shape!

Sydney and Jordan were supposed to go to Knott's Berry Farm with their Girl Scout troop today, but Jordan was so sick yesterday, I mean, in bed with fever and chills sick, and I didn't want to get any of the other girls sick so I decided last night that she would stay home, so at that point Sydney decided that it wouldn't be fair for her to go if her sister was sick (yep, pretty much almost crashed the van when she said that!LOL) So we were going to go to church this morning, but we ended up sleeping in, I think Jordan still needed that sleep, I know I did! I didn't even open my eyes until 9:30! That hardly ever happens anymore! It felt wonderful!!

We went to get the tree around 2:30 and then I had to go grocery shopping, where I was plensantly surprised that the prices seem to be dropping a bit! YAY!!! I spend $99, where for the same amount of food 3 weeks ago would have cost me $120 at least! That was a nice surprise! Once I got home from the store I started dinner (a Mexican beef soup, so good!) and the girls and I decorated the tree after John and Jordan put the lights on it. It's a bit crooked, but I like it!

This is our last week of school, so I will be baking gifts for the girls teachers and then I'll be doen with work until Jan!!! The girls and their cousin got their pictures taken together yesterday as well for my MIL, I will pick those up this Friday and then get a frame and I'm about done! I feel out of control in some ways, but not frantic trying to get everything done this year either! I have noticed that people in the stores are kind of rude this year, lots of cutting off and pushiness...not happy about that, but I guess I could just say "Merry Christmas" and be on my way, couldn't I?LOL!

Well, I guess I should go break up the girls latest argument! I swear! You would think they would be on their BEST behavior with it only being 10 days til Christmas...I suppose I could always let them open that Wii and then tell them until their behavior improves only Daddy and I will be playing it! MUHAHAHA!!!

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