Friday, August 29, 2008

a day in the life...

Phew! I am tired!!! John left yesterday, and I never sleep well when he is gone, so I didn't end up falling asleep til after 2 am, and had to get up around I am pooped out! S was sick this morning..but refused to stay home. None of the girls have ever missed a day of school, so she says she is not about to ruin that streak now! I did get a call from her around 3 saying she had just thrown up and could I come pick her up a bit early, I was on my way to the school when I got the message so it worked out. J is at her friends house til about 7 tonight when I go pick her up and B is in my room soaking her feet in the foot massager thing!LOL! I got them all a few shirts and things for school, they didn't really need them, but I got a good deal, so why not? S is hitting that age now when clothes mean much more than they used to even a year ago! Too much!:) I did splurge and got myself a pedicure today..felt lovely!!! Still need to get this house in order this weekend though! Laundry never ends and we are just plain running out of room in this tiny space!!! Oh well, we will make the best of it til we can move I suppose! I'm counting down til we can go pick up J...I want to crawl in the bed and go to sleep!! Hope everyone had a good Friday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's hump day!

Here we are middle of the week already! John is leaving for the Bay tomorrow morning to work the football games, he is pretty excited about that! He will be gone til Sunday morning..kind of a long trip this time. It works out though, since there is no dance this week and no soccer games this weekend (thank you Labor Day!!) so he won't be missing anything major.

Speaking of soccer, J is sooo frustrated with her coach this year. He is a first time coach and boy can you tell! She has been telling him what games and such to play and when they run out of ideas they call the practice! Yesterday while we were at B's practice her (B's) coach from last year walked by and asked where J was and said that she could come down and practice with them if she wanted...she jumped on that chance! B's last year coach moved up into the U10's, where J is and they were supposed to get J, but they were out of town and noone would trade, so we got stuck with the guy we are with. But, I swear last night J got more coaching form Anthony in 30 minutes than she has from Art in the past 3 weeks! So now J wants to go to B's practices each time and go hang out with Anthonys team! I think its great that he is willing to work with her even though she is on a team that plays against him..shows a lot about the kind of guy he is, there for the kids regardless! Anyway, I really think that she got her excitment back for the season! YAY!

I went into S's class yesterday to just kind of see what she was up to. I talked to the teacher and she said she is doing really well, apparently she is one of the few to be doing the reading log the correct way...yay for her! She did have a bit of trouble with one of her math questions last night and when she asks John he gets frustrated with her, so I told her I would take her to school early so she coudl ask her teacher..funny she knew better than to ask me for help in math...hmmm...funny!!LOL!

And now we are to B...little stinker that she is! She somehow keeps "forgetting" certain pages in her homework packet...then when I check it she exclaims "Oh! I thought I did that page!" Yeah sure kid! She did a flip off my bed last night and landed on her booty...big ol bruise on her butt! Ding dong..maybe now she knows why I keep telling her to not jump on my bed and do flips! She didn't complain about it this morning, but I know this afternoon when I ask her to do a chore her booty will all of a sudden hurt! She is something I tell ya!

So all in all, we are doing well on this hump day! Hope you all are too!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm feeling lazy

*sigh* so much for my plans of cleaning today! I dropped the girls off at school with cleaning the house on my mind, then I got home and just curled up on the couch with the remote! Oh sure, there was an occassional load of laundry thrown in, but then right back to the couch for me! I haven't even started dinner yet...I sure hope this funkiness passes soon! I have too much to do!!!:)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My pride is soooo big...

J and Bs soccer games started today. B was up first...we had to be there at 7:30 AM!! those of you who know me know I am not a mornign person, and either is B!!!LOL! We got there and se up our chairs and the game began, B was a forward, the poor girls they played against didn't know what hit them I don't think! B ended up getting 2 goals (and $4 from daddy..she will be rich by the end of the season at $2 a goal!)and her team ended up winning 12-0! The ref told her coach at halftime to tell the girls to try not to score anymore!!! Next was J's, we sent the girl to camp and she learned so so much and she was so excited to play this year, only to get a first year coach who treats them like "little girls", I absolutely hate when people tell my girls they are "just girls" or "only little girls" it is just a huge pet peeve of mine. So, her coach doesn't run them, doesn't push them or anything, she came home in tears on Thursday night because seh was so discouraged. So we didn't have high hopes for todays they were playing a team whose coach tried to stack his team, and we had big problems with last year. Since J is a goalie I never sit down, I get too nervous so I pace back and forth, everybody makes fun of me for this, but I literally cannot sit down! She was determined not to let them score on her..and she did an amazing job! Her team scored first, which was such a blow to the other coach (Karma is what you get when you try to stack your team!), one of the better girls on J's team wasn't there today, so we didn't have any subs and they started to get tired and got worn out and her defense broke down and the did end up scoring 1 goal on her, so they ended up in a tie 1-1...but they didn't lose and J did so good, other parents were complimenting her! I am hoping that the coaches now see what they need to work on and will start working on it during practice. John and I talked about it and decided that we would build up J's endurance on our own too, while I am walking at B's practices, J can do some can only help her! She loves soccer so much and she knows that if she does her best and stands out then at the end of the season when it comes down to picking for All Stars the other coaches will hopefully notice her and pick her. John and I were talking and saying when we watch her on the soccer field we feel so much pride that it feels like we are going to burst!!! Watching her on the soccer field is the same as watching s dancing on's where they are meant to be! I am seeing a lot of soccer weekend in our future!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You don't work?

I get so tired of that question! Even though I did work p/t for the past year I still get that question. Do people who work outside the home, or don't have kids honestly think that we who do stay home, for whatever reason, don't do a thing?! Who gets the kids ready and off to school in the morning and off to afterschool activities in the afternoon, who keeps up on everyones laundry, cooks the meals, shops for the family, keeps up on the budget (or tries to anyway..these days are just crazy!LOL) keeps the house in order (again at least tries to!) on top of running everyones errands while they are at school or at work? Then there is the question of when do we stop? My husband works upward of 60 hours a week driving truck, a demanding job no doubt, and I appreciate every single hour he is on the road to provide for us, but when he comes home I don't expect him to do a thing...he has put in a long day and deserves to be able to sit back and relax when he gets home. Saying that, after I put in 60 hours a week I don't get to stop and relax, nope there is always something else for me to do. Not that I don't mind it and love the opportunity to stay home and raise my family, but there are those days when I just want to veg out on the couch and let the laundry pile up or not do the dishes, like I did when I was working. I guess I felt like my working was an excuse for not doing things around the house. But when someone says "Oh you don't work" I just want strangle them!!LOL! I wish they could step into a day in my life and then ask me that question!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

lazy day

The girls (well dd2, dd3) and I got up and went to church this morning, it felt good to go back since we have not been going for about a month for different reasons. John didn't go, not sure why, but thats ok. As I was picking the girls up from Sunday School I get a phone call from dd1 wanting to know if she and her friend could come swimming here, I told her I would call her back, I just was not in the mood to have company, but still wanted dd1 to have fun with her friend. We get home and tell dh about it and he suggests that we go back to the creek we went to yesterday...great idea! But, I really don't want to go! I'm tired, and just wanted to hang out at home, so I tell him to just take the girls and I will stay here and do some laundry and make dinner. He goes to pick up dd1 and her friend and the freinds mom, brother aunt and cousin all end up going too (we know them all from dance and are good friends with all of them). I on the otherhand got to stay home and did several loads of laundry and made lasagne for dinner. They were gone for about 4.5 hours and it was pure bliss! No arguing or anything! Sometimes you just need that down day as much as you love everyone..ya know?!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

a day in the life of THIS soccer mom!

And we are off!!! Soccer season has officially begun, at least that is what the MC told us this morning at the girls ridiculous opening ceremonies! They make us drag these kids out to the field at the crack of dawn (ok, 8 in the morning, but that is the crack of dawn to me!) all decked out in their nice clean uniforms to be introduced the the public of our community and they then get their pictures taken as well. Oh, did I mention that dd3 who is all of 7 years old has a crisp WHITE uniform...yes I said WHITE!!! Why do they do this to the ones who are responsible for washing those uniforms? Oh it gets better too...I needed to leave after dd3s pictures to take dd1 to dance (where else would she go, right?), I will only be gone a total of maybe 10-15 minutes, so I rush to take her down and when I get back Daddy has so nicley bought the girls some nice snow cones to cool I look at dd3 I notice that on that nice crisp WHITE jersey is a huge red splocth!!! At this point dd2 has not taken her pictures yet, and as I am on the verge of freaking out about dd3s jersey dh tells me to go look at dd2s jersey...yup huge splotch on her light blue jersey! I sure hope those snow cones tasted good girls because they were certainly your last ones for a while!!! We finally get pics done and head to the car dripping with sweat because it has been unusually humid here for the last few days, dh says he wants to go check out the EZ Ups, so off we go...just to end up purchasing one, but it was a good deal, we got a 10x10 for $59.99 instead of $109.99...not bad! So now we can have some shade during all of those soccer!!

after the EZ Up purchanse we head off to Wal Mart to buy a birthday gift for dd2s new friend, we got out of there for just about $25...that is really not bad!! We then go pick up dd1 from teh studio just to be asked if she can spend the night at her friends house..she says she asked on Wed. of she could, and honestly she probably did ask, I am just getting old and can't remember!LOL! We all come home, grab a quick bite before I take dd1 back to the studio with overnight bag, dh went to get a haircut and I drop dd2 at her birthday party...whew! You would think at this point I would get to come home and relax a bit, right? Oh no! Dh comes home and says he wants to go for a ride..ok I'm thinking thats fine..we drive about 1/2 an hour away into the mountains to a little community where he met some guy while he was working the other day. We take a little tour of the community and see several houses for sale, nice houses, but I don't know if I want to make the kind of commute it would intail every day, we would never be home if we moved up there, so we will see about that! on our way out we stopped on the side of the road and took dd3 into the creek that was there and played in the icy cold water for a much fun!!! We went to pick up dd2 from the party, and ended up staying for alomost an hour ourselves! Once we got home I quickly got cozy on the couch and I was out! I slept for a good hour and a half and boy did it feel good!

Now, did I get anything on my list done today? NOPE! Do I care? NOPE!! My kids all had fun in different ways and in one way or another we all got to spend some time together today..what could be better? And I got to take a nap...BOOOYAAAHHHH!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It looks like it threw up on itself!

my house that is!!! Since I found out yesterday that I don't have a job anymore I got a wild hair and decided to start cleaning out the hall closets...all good until it was time to pick up the girls, so I leave the mess in the middle of the hallway and go pick them up. We come home and they grab a snack (or a mini meal in their case...geez!)and start their homework, I, in the meantime realize I need to start dinner, so that gets underway and then all of a sudden it's almost 5:45 and dd3 has to be at soccer practice at 6:00!! So away we go to soccer practice...afterwards we stop at the store for more noodles and head home, only to find out that John is home already...along with the huge mess I left in the hallway! We all walk in and he says to me "Um, babe..whats up with the hallway?" I quickly explain why it looks like the closet threw everything out on the floor and tell him that I will get to it today..yeah right!!! Got the girls to school, came home to start a load of laundry just to find out that I am on my last dryer sheet and leave again to grab everyone lunch so I can go back to the school and eat with them (the school has a family lunch Friday once a month..pretty cool really). THEN, at 1:30 I go to Moreno Valley so I can go to WinCo for some cheaper groceries (I try to stock up there on everything but meat and most produce, I am spoiled by Stater Bros in that dept!), I look at my phone and see that it is 2:50, and I am just getting into line, the girls get out of school at 3:20!!! I'm rushing to get everything bagged up and loaded in the van and then speed through the canyon, only to get stuck behind a very slow car, naturally!LOL! I get to the school at 3:45 and the girls emerge from the office shaking their heads and tapping their wrists like I am so late or something! I take dd1 and her friend to the dance studio and drop them off then come home to have the other 2 workeer bees, I mean dds unload the groceries into the house. So now not only am I looking at bags of groceries that need to be organized and put away I still have the mess in the hallway and tons of laundry to do! UGH!!! So noone spring a surprise visit on me this weekend please!!!! I'm off to organize groceries...what a fun way to spend a Friday night, whatever happend to clubbing and all that carefree stuff I used to do? Hopefully by tomorrow my house will not look ill anymore though!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Opening an old new door

Well, I've officially been laid off..but not to worry, it's a good thing! I've been having lots of problems with my boss, she is a control freakwho has no clue how to teach young children, so it's actually a blessing for me to not be there, although I will miss the kids! Her official story is that the county has not ben paying her for the families who are on assistance and therefore she can't pay the teachers. WHATEVER!!! I call it Karma!!! When you treat people badly you end up getting yours in the end, right?! So, anyway, this morning when I dropped the girls off at school I went to the office to let them know I could sub on the yard or wherever they needed me now, and the principal tells me that the district is allowing her to add 2 more noon duties and did I want one of the postitions? UH....YES!!!! So the job is mine, just have to go through all the formalities of it all, but I am supposed to start the first week of September. Now, it will be about 1/3 of what I was bringing home from the preschool, but I won't have the stress, and I will have the same off days as the girls, including when they are off track! I may even be able to squeeze a class or 2 in there in the mornings as well, we'll see how that goes! And as soon as the lady who is considered the "aide" retires (the woman is 79 years old for goodness sakes!) I will get her 6 hour position and that comes with retirement and benefits!!! God is so good I tell you!!! The girls don't know yet, but I know they will be thrilled with it! As far as $$ goes for the next few weeks, I applied for unemployment today, so we will hopefully hear back from them in th enext week or so. such a relief I cannot even begin got tell you!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

soccer has started

We hardly had a break from the end of the year dance recital to the soccer season starting a couple of days later! DD1 is not playing this big surprise, she says she likes dance sweat better than soccer sweat (such a girl!!). DD2 is totally excited! She basically told her coach on the first day that she would be the goalie, and to pretty much stop looking for another one!LOL! He came up to after practice to see if she really loved goalie as much as she claimed...yup she does! So he was excited, since goalie is usually a postion you have to make a kid play...not a lot of glory in the position, unless it comes down to a PK at the end of a game! DD3 is having fun with it, she is one of teh older ones on her team this year, and doesn't really like that too much, but she'll be ok! They have opening ceremonies and pictures this Saturday and then games start the following we go again!!! WHOO HOO!!

Jumping in...

feet first! I've never blogged before, so here we go! I hopw this will keep you all updated on what is going on with our family. Things seem to get so busy so quickly for us so I thought this would be a good way to keep friends and family informed! Hope you enjoy it!!!