Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You don't work?

I get so tired of that question! Even though I did work p/t for the past year I still get that question. Do people who work outside the home, or don't have kids honestly think that we who do stay home, for whatever reason, don't do a thing?! Who gets the kids ready and off to school in the morning and off to afterschool activities in the afternoon, who keeps up on everyones laundry, cooks the meals, shops for the family, keeps up on the budget (or tries to anyway..these days are just crazy!LOL) keeps the house in order (again at least tries to!) on top of running everyones errands while they are at school or at work? Then there is the question of when do we stop? My husband works upward of 60 hours a week driving truck, a demanding job no doubt, and I appreciate every single hour he is on the road to provide for us, but when he comes home I don't expect him to do a thing...he has put in a long day and deserves to be able to sit back and relax when he gets home. Saying that, after I put in 60 hours a week I don't get to stop and relax, nope there is always something else for me to do. Not that I don't mind it and love the opportunity to stay home and raise my family, but there are those days when I just want to veg out on the couch and let the laundry pile up or not do the dishes, like I did when I was working. I guess I felt like my working was an excuse for not doing things around the house. But when someone says "Oh you don't work" I just want strangle them!!LOL! I wish they could step into a day in my life and then ask me that question!!!

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