Monday, November 22, 2010


I just got back from a Costco trip and I bought the Chinese Chicken Salad kit...I love this stuff!!! Sooo yummy!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heading back to church

Since we moved to this area 9 years ago I have wanted to find a church home and thought we did find one about 3 years ago, we loved it! It was small and the girls loved it. We even got John to go with us! But when we bought our house it was too far away to make the drive, almost an hour each way :( we made it a couple of times but eventually we stopped, which I've hated! I have missed going to get that positive start to week. :(

I have several friends who attend a much larger church much closer to us, the girls have all been at one time or another and have absolutely loved it! The childrens program is wonderful! It seems since Sept every Sunday we have been busy with soccer games and haven't been able to go. Then last night Brooklyn came in before she went to bed and asked if we could go :) I also picked Sydney up from her best friends birthday party and the friends mom (my friend as well) asked if we were going to I guess those are 2 strong signs that God is sending me huh? Its time to go to church!!! :) so we will be getting ready here in a few minutes to head off.

I hate being in new surroundings, I just always feel so uncomfortable, but I am missing something in my life right now, and I know its church, and why not go where I know several friends and the girls know tons of kids that go to that church as well. I need to hear Gods word in a big way these days and get my mind back on track, I know that when I'm going regularly I am a better wife and mother and really do I need any other inspiration than that?

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Vacation is here! Jordan & Brooklyn have been on vacation since Nov 11th but Sydney & I had work/school last week, but finally it is here...yippeeee!!!

We started our vacation by driving to Palm Springs for Jordans 8 am game...had to be there @ 7! Ugh!!! They tied 2-2, but they still will move onto Silver leval next season :) yay for them! Lots of hard work and practice has paid off!

As for the rest of vacation we will be getting this house into shape! We also have dentist and eye dr right?!

I have been counting down to Thanksgiving Break since we went back to work/school in August :)