Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Science Fair Meltdown

I hate science fair projects. There, I said it...I hate, loathe, despise, abhor them!!! Can you tell that's what we're doing in our house right now?? Bleh!!!

I nixed the egg & salt idea...just had no desire to turn my kitchen into a lab this time around. So we (meaning me) chose an "easy" one. A math probability project...sounds easy enough, right? All we had to do was come up with 5-10 groups of 23 or more people in them and take a poll of when their birthdays are and see if the Birthday Paradox holds true. Basically see if anyone in a particular group has the same birthday, not year just day. Again, easy right? We decide that Brooklyn will RANDOMLY (apparently we need to work on her definition of random as well) choose 23 people from each of our Facebook pages and use that....about halfway through yesterday she lost her ever living mind!!! Full on temper tantrum....yelling, screaming, crying, the whole works. I left. Yup...just picked myself up, closed her door, told John I was going to get his moms dogs and do a few other errands and left. As I closed the front door I could hear her screaming...I continued on my way and didn't look back!

When I returned, almost 3 hours later (thank goodness for traffic) she was fast asleep. We had to go to Jordans soccer scrimmage so I woke her up, forbade her from going to her own practice and told her that for the next 2 weeks she is grounded...no computer, no friends over, no going anywhere fun...NOTHIN!!!! I felt like a parent who stood her ground! :D

Yeah....and we still have to finish this stupid project!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New....?????

I have been enjoying my 3 week vacation, I need to hit the lotto....I could get used to staying home!

Christmas break started out a bit stressful, it took forever to get caught up with our finances this Fall and I was so afraid that Christmas morning would find us without a tree or any gifts....not such a great feeling! Thankfully one of Brooklyns teammates ended up with an extra tree (her older sister brought one to thier house after her mom already bought one) and she gave it to us! I was so thankful! One of my oldest friends knew we had a tough year finacially and ended up with $200 given to her to gift to someone and she chose us! I was so humbled and grateful and thankful and I vowed to give more and pay it forward more than I thought that I do already! I was truly blessed and am still in awe of the kindness of people and how incredibly blessed I am to be surrounded by such great people!

The girls and I have been spending a lot of time together this vacation and I am so glad for the time, they are growing so fast. Sydney doesn't want to grow up, she keeps telling us that she refuses get older...lol! Jordan, on the other hand, wants to grow up too fast! *sigh* Brooklyn is just Brooklyn....I truly hope I survive my last 2 children!!!

Next week we go back to our crazy, over scheduled lives, I know one day I will look back and miss being so incredibly busy, but right now sheesh! I sure have been enjoying vacation!!!