Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a year!

Phew! Am I glad to see 2009 go! This has been a year full of ups & downs, more than any other year that I can remember for a long time!

Johns hours got cut, along with his pay by 15%....no fun at all!! I was working 2 hours a day at the girls school, but that wasn't helping much! I got hired by Kindercare at the end of May, I was in the infant room. I loved being with babies, but boy did I hate the early hours, and the director and asst director were kind of pains to work with...kind of a holier than thou attitude. I held on through the summer though, barely! LOL!

We FINALLY bought our first house and moved in over Labor Day, that is an experience I never want to repeat! Ugh!!! We are finally starting to settle in, our wish list is growing by the day though! :)

As I said, we moved in Labor Day weekend and a week later I was offered the job I was waiting for! I went back to Head Start through the school district. I'm so happy to be back doing what I know I'm supposed to do!

The girls continue to keep us busy, Sydney in dance and Joedan and Brooklyn with soccer. We did have to do some major cutbacks with Sydneys competition dances, which breaks my heart, but hopefully in the next year we can add to the amount she does again. Its been hard on her :( Jordan continues to do well with her club soccer team, she even got to come out of the goal box and try her hand at stopper! She did great! Brooklyns team went to Commissioners Cup and did pretty well, and she made All Stars! We are thinking of letting her play Spring Soccer as well, to keep her busy.

Our Christmas was really nice, some changes to our traditions due to my Grandmas health and my good for nothing leech aunt and cousin...grrrr!!! But we managed to have a great time anyway! The girls all seemed to be happy with their gifts and we talked a lot about the true meaning of Christmas, they seem to all really "get it" which warms my heart!

As NYE approaches we are looking forward to spending time with friends and family, and really looking forward to a new year!!! Happy New Year to all, may the New Year bring you all health, happiness and prosperity!!! Bring on 2010!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I am hooked!

Way back when, before I had kids, I was an avid reader, I would pick up a book on a Friday and spend the weekend curled up on the couch reading the weekend away, mush to my husbands shock! He has never been much of a reader, never really reading an entire book all the way through High School, he just relied on his ability to flirt his way through tests and such. I on the other hand, have always loved to read! I can remember reading the Flowers in The Attic series over and over with my circle of friends in junior high and then my mom and I reading the Clan of the Cavebear series together, discussing our theories in detail. I read Alas, Babalyon in one weekend when I was a Sophomore or Junior, I loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn too. Reading was my escape, my sanctuary if you will, to a sometime nightmarish step father who yelled and threatened, and hurt my mom. Reading was bliss. *sigh*

Fast forward to my having children. My reading consisted of Dr Suesss and Junie B Jones for years! Oh sure, I would get through an occassional quick read here and there, but hadn't been really consumed by anything in a very long time! Even though my girls read on their own now (even if I have to poke and prod Jordan to do it!) my day is still consumed with running them around and just "doing" for them, you know? Most of Sydneys friends had already read the twilight series, she wanted to read them, but I think she was afraid to read them as well, she was afraid they would be too scary (she is like me and hates scary stuff!). She ended up seeing the movie and them decided to finally read the books. She finished Twilight on Thursday or Friday and we went to Target to pick up New Moon, which she is about 1/4 of the way through already. On Saturday I picked up Twilight...at 11 at night mind you, and I was sucked in from the first page! Syd went to the movies with some friends yesterday and I took Jordan and Brooklyn to McD's for lunch, ok, honestly I took them there so they could play in the play land and I could read! We came home and I put dinner on, John had to work last night, and I started reading again around 5.....I was up until 3 am this morning! I finished the whole book in a bit over 24 hours! I am telling you, I now understand all the hype! It was EXCELLENT!!! I will be buying my own copy of New Moon this afternoon and surpassing Sydney by later this week, I want to read Eclipse before she does...Edward and Bella get their groove on in the 3rd book and although I won't ban Syd from reading the book, I do want to read it first.

I have to say, it feels so good to get lost in a good book! Stephanie Meyers has a gift in writing, I honestly felt like I could feel Edwards cold touch...I felt like I was 15 again! Hooked, hooked, hooked!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

A good week

It has been a good week around the Wells house! I don't want to jinx it though!!! John got all is over time in on his days off, he is tired, but I know him and he won't turn it down, so I just try to make it cozy here at home for when he gets home and then lots of back rubs and smooches. I found out on Tuesday that I got the job at the day care, so that was great news. The girls are enjoying being back in school and being back with their friends. It has been a very blessed week for sure!

I even made it to the gym 4 out of the 5 days! Yay me! I won't let myself quit or get off the evil machine either (the elliptical) that thing is out to get me I tell you! Actually the first 6 or 7 minutes are the hardest, then I am in a rythym and try to watch the tv that they have on at the gym, it makes the time go by much faster! I really do feel stronger, just wish I was losing more weight. My clothes are fitting better, they aren't stretched to within a cm of thier life anymore, but when I get on the scale I'm not seeing a lot of weight loss...so strange! Not sure what is going on, but I know I'm working out hard...all the sweat dripping off my face is a good indicator of that! I will have to do some reseach to see why I'm not dropping pounds.

We have had some wacky weather this past week! We went from cold and raining to dry and super windy and now it is supposed to hit 90 by Sunday! No wonder I have a headache all the time! The other day I was sitting on the couch and watching the pollen in the air literally swirl around in the air, it was insane! I am so not ready for the upcoming heat! It was around 74 today...perfect! But I know that the 95's and up are headed our way sooner rather than later...boo!!!

I planted a few plants in containers this year. I did tomatoes, bell peppers and strawberries. I am so excited to get some tomatoes! I love a fresh tomato! I think I may do some cucumbers too maybe this weekend I will grab a plant or two and add it to my little garden.

I think that is about our week in a nutshell. We are going house hunting tomorrow. I am sooo tempted to let John do all the looking and then narrow it down to 3 or 4! I hate this process! It is just headache inducing! Oh well, I guess I will be a trooper and go with him. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

such a relief!

I called the woman I had my interview with last week, today to touch bases with her. And guess what?! She offered me the job! YAY!!! It is just $10 an hour, but that will pay for groceries and help pay for the girls activites! I feel so much better, like a huge boulder has been lifted from my shoulders! Funny thing is, in church on Sunday our Pastor was literally talking about how Jesus will lift our burdens....and He has in a big way! I am so thankful! I will be getting up with the chickens, but it's just a 4.5 hour job, and then I can still keep the 2 hour job at the school. One of the best things is that I will still be able to pick the girls up from school and take them to their various activities without having to pawn them off onto a friend. So, I get to help John bring more money into our family and still be a mom...so happy! I will not start for at least another week, lots of paperwork and orientation type stuff, but that is ok, just knowing that I do have a job! :)

Now I have to make a schedule and enlist the girls help. Things are going to have to change around here for sure! I will post my new schedule once I figure it out!

*sigh* such a good feeling to know that I have one less thing to stress over in this day and age!

Monday, April 6, 2009

crazy days!

John is convinced that they overlooked him at work today. The big wig Union guy is in town, so that means that someone is messing up....BIG TIME! John is a Teamster and so the guy in town is pretty high up, and in Jimmy Hoffa, Jrs inner circle (sounds all gangsta, huh?LOL) and they aren't happy that the management here is messing the Sr. guys out of their hours, etc. So, John thinks it will be fixed within the week...phew! They ended up calling him in early for the midnight shift, he will have to be paid for today too, since he knows that Jr guys to him worked and he didn't. It is just a big mess! Hopefully things will calm down soon, otherwise I think I may end up having a stroke!!! ;)

I went in today for an interview at the day care, I think it went well and I'm really hoping we can work out the hours thing. Prayers are welcome!

After I dropped the girls off at school I headed to the gym, I was so stressed out last week I only went once, funny that I know that excersize is good for you if you are stressed, but I could barely put one foot in front of the other let alone get into the gym! I felt really good after getting off the treadmill today though! I'm planning on going again in the morning, and making it my routine for now.

The girls had a good day at school, they were all so happy to be back. They are so funny, and I love how they love school! Brooklyn asked me tonight if she could stay after school every Thursday and practice for an end of the year show doing some kind of cultural dancing. Sure, why not, she was so happy! Sydney has decided to work much harder this trimester and get her grades back to where they should be, she said she was dissapointed in herself and her grades last trimester. I'm pretty impressed with her determination! Jordan is working on her 4th grade mission project, she is doing a great job! We bought a kit and she has been doing it all by herself and it is looking pretty good!

That's about it for now, I'm sure I will be having another crazy week! Putting it in God's hands, or at least trying to!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A new week

The past week was such a whirlwind of ups and downs and I'm glad to have a start to a new one. We looked at houses ALL day yesterday...what a pain that is! I am almost tempted to have John just do it and let me know when he has it narrowed down to 3 or 4 and then I can help at that point! But I know if I do that I will end up in who knows where!LOL! The prices are ok, but then again, so many people seem to be looking...and these darn investors are like cockroaches...they are everywhere! Sheesh! I am soooo trying to leave it in Gods hands, I know "our" house will show up and we will be happy, it's just the in between part I don't like!

On the plus side...John got called in for over time tonight! I think both of us let out a sigh of relief when the call came in! He will start the week off with at least 8 hours of OT, something he hasn't had in over a month! YAY!!

The girls go back to school in the morning, meaning I have to get up before 9...waaaa! It also means I am back to work too, which is good. :) I'm still waiting to hear from that day care for an interview...fingers crossed and lots of prayers on that one! Again, leaving (or at least trying to) it in Gods hands!

Jordan had a soccer game today, I will be happy when they are playing girls their own age, it is amazing what a difference one or two years makes! Our girls are going to be really good, I just don't think they realize it playing the older girls. The second half looked much better than the first half, and Jordan is learning so much! Fall will be fun for them, I think!

Well, I'm off to bed, gotta get up early! UGH!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I know I have been so bad at keeping up with this! Sorry Angie!!! ;)

I am so stressed out and I am making myself sick, my stomach hurts, I'm giving myself a headache, my shoulders are in a knot. The good news is that John still has a job, however, the paycut and lack of overtime has really taken a toll on his checks! If it keeps up like this I'm not sure how we will make it through the month of April! I've applied for an early morning job at a day care so I can still work at the girls school, but the waiting is killing me! I know I need to leave it up to God, and I am trying so hard to do that, but boy is it hard! John seems to think it will get better, I just hope it gets better before we drown! Pity party over here! :(

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time to tighten the belt!

Well, the recession has finally hit us! John got a 10% paycut in January, Yellow and Roaway are now one company and he has only had 15 minute..yes minutes..of OT this week!!!! During a normal week he would have had at least 8 already! *sigh* It is going to be a tough month around here! At least the girls are off track as of Monday and I won't be driving to the school multiple times a day, but man oh man, it's going to suck around here quick! I am going to do a pick shop this week and stick to a menu...for all 3 meals I think! He says after a few weeks the computers should "catch up" with everything ad then it should go back to normal...I will be praying for that one!

I think I will be using the bread machine a lot this month for sure too, I can't stand paying almost $3 for a cheap loaf of bread..it's infuriating! I cannot wait until I have the space for a garden...I will be so excited when that day comes!

With all the depressing $$ talk I don't really have anything else on my mind, I know there is lots to talk about, but I just can't get past the fact that we are right back where we were 3 years ago, as far as our income! Oh how I wish this economy would turn around!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

And we're off..

What a crazy weekend! First of all it was the first competition of the year yesterday, and as of Friday I didn't have all the little stuf I needed! No surprise there, so I was running around like a crazy person Friday afternoon/evening getting all the things the girls needed. Ugh, such a chore!

I didn't pick the girls up until 8 from dance, so I was able to get the groceries put away, for the most part before I picked them up. Brooklyns birthday was Sat and she wanted lasagne for dinner that night, well I knew that on Sat there would be no way I would have the time or the energy to make lasagne so after I got the girls we came home, they took quick showers, hung out with daddy for for a minute and then were off to bed and I got to work on the lasagne. By the time it was ready to go in the oven it was almost 11:30, I was beyond exhausted so John threw it in the oven for me since he was staying up..yay for my dh! I fell in the bed and slept hard until about 6:30 Sat morning when I had to get up. :(

I had to get up that early on a Sat morning because I have been slacking in the housework dept lately....shocker I know! But, I also had to get some Girl Scout stuff done for Thinking Day.I got the laundry going, picked up the living room and then started cutting out the rest of the Chinese New Year calendar pieces. Jordan heard me up so she got up and actually helped me a lot! We got the pieces cut out and then got ready to head out. I took Sydney and Brooklyn to dance, then Jordan and I headed for the Thinking Day activities. Our troop chose China and our booth was awesome if I do say so myself! The girls made a dragon and drew a picture of The Great Wall, we had egg roll samples and fortune cookies with a personalied saying inside. We had 2 activities for the girls to choose from, they could either make a fish kite or glue together a Chinese Calendar. We had Chinese music going and lanterns hanging, it was great! There were lots of fun booths for the girls to walk around and visit. My co leader brought our Brownies after dance class and they had a ball! She ended up taking them back to the studio and I stayed to help clean up. It was a busy and long afternoon, but it was a lot of fun too!

After the clean up was done I stopped to get Brooklyn some birthday balloons before heading to the studio for dress rehersal. We got done with rehersals around 6:30, then we headed home with Brooklyns best friend so they could watch High School Musical 3 and have lasagne for her bithday. I dropped her friend off at 8:30 then it was home for bed for the girls! I went through costumes one last time and then headed to bed around midnight....I was beat!

5:45 comes mighty early in the morning!!! My girlfriend dropped er daugter off with me to take to the competition since she had school (she is going to be a nurse and had to put in her hours at the hospital...12 hours...wow!). We got to the competition around 7:15 and were off to the races from that point on....make up, hair, costume changes, cheering, awards...all in a days work at a competition! The girls were amazing...as always! Sydney is dissapointed because her tio got a 2nd place and they've never gotten a nd at this comp before, but the dance was so good, I just think the judges didn't appreciate the quirkiness of it and that's ok, another day or different judges could change the whole thing! Our studio took Top Platinum Studio though, so it all worked out! We didn't get home til after 9:30 and we are all dragging today! But no rest for us, Sydney has a competition and convention this coming weekend, so we get to do it all over again in a few days, but this time it will be 2 1/2 days instead of just one, but it's only Sydney and not the other 2 (they will be staying with friends, phew!). I am soooo ready to be off track in 2 weeks!

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's raining it's pouring

I love it! A nice big rainstorm is just what I needed! It feels so good here, nice and cool and, well, rainy!!! LOL!

The girls and I didn't have school or work today, although I did have to have Sydney at dance at 9:30 this morning, but that's ok. Jordan and Brooklyn have been playing nicely giving each other makeovers. I of course wanted to clean the whole house today, but it is now 2 pm and I've yet to really do much of anything!LOL! Oh well! 3 weeks until the girls and I are off track so I'm not too worried!

I'm assuming that Jordan doesn't have soccer practice tonight since the heavens have been opeening up all day, so I will just make dinner for the girls to take then take them to dance. Brooklyn and I will come home around 5 and she will take a bath and do some reading. I will pick the other 2 up at 9 tonight...yup, Sydney will have been at the studio almost 12 hours by the time she comes home tonight! INSANE! Their first competition is next Sunday and they aren't all the way ready yet....happens every year though, so I think it will all be ok! So, that's all from here for now, nothing too exciting going on for sure!!! I think I need to get a hobby!!! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

12 years ago

12 years ago today I was in a drug induced stupor, hallucinating about a never ending line of circus animals...begging for them to just kill me instead. Sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? Sure does until you fast forward to 4:58 PM that afternoon when that final push resulted in my 7 lb .08 oz, 19 inch bundle of screaming joy! John was a mess, kept repeating himself "She looks just like me, she looks just like me", my mom was holding my hand and I just felt such relief after having been in labor for 36 excurciating hours.

Dr. Hatton, who had been with us through the miscarriages, the ultra sounds, the tests, everything was right there too with a big smile on her face, like a proud mama bear. The dr almost missed it I swear, I could tell Sydneys head was crowning and the dr was down the hall coming out of the elevator, she came rushing in with the nurses throwing her gloves, and gown on...all just in time too!

Sydney Jai Wells was born right at the end of the 1997 NBA All Star Game...much to her fathers chagrin :) In between contractions we all would look at the TV to see who was doing what...a pretty funny memory, but pretty accurate for John and I! LOL!

Before she made her appearance into the world I was the center of everyones attention...as soon as she left my body I was nothing but a thought in passing! HAHA! I kept asking "Does she have Johns Sr ears?" but no one heard me, except my mom who was cracking up, finally Johns mom heard me and said "No, thank God!" Such a relief! Anyone who has seen Johns dads ears would understand my fear!

She was perfect! They gave her to me and she was screaming, just mad at the worl that she had just been yanked from her warm scurity into a big cold world! I remember telling her "It's ok mama, I'm here" and she quieted down a bit. They had to take her to the nursery, after putting all the bracelets and everything on of course, but John wouldn't even let them put her in the basinet, he held her and walked her down to the nursery himself. Everyone followed him, and it was just the nurse and I left in the room. Quiet, for the first time in 36 hours...it was bliss! I was exhausted, beaten up, but the happiest I had ever been! The nurse chatted with me (about what I have no clue now!) while she wrapped me up in the best blankes ever! Oh, they were warm and enveloped me in heaven! I sat in a wheelchair so she could wheel me down to my room, as we passed the nursery, everyone was outside the window gawking over the new baby. I manage to squeak out a Hi to everyon, and in response I got a half wave and hi from my own family, but they had pure joy on their faces! We had waited so long for this little being to arrive,and then it was a girl? The first girl since me! It was a great day!

I got to my room and my mom came in to check on me, then John came in, he looked so tired, but with the biggest grin on his face I had ever seen! Finally I was hungry so he went to get me some food, but when he came back I couldn't eat. I was so tired, but so beyond tired my body couldn't do anything but just sit there! At some point they brought me my precious baby and my mom and mother in law went back to our house, leaving just John and I alone with our new baby. We watched her stretch and yawn and cry and wiggle, it was the best form of entertainment we had ever been witness to! I think around 11 John went home to sleep, leaving Sydney and I alone for the night. I remember just sitting there looking at her and she staring back at me with those big brown eyes...like "well, what now?" I tried to go to sleep with her in that bassinet thing, but I couldn't sleep at all, until I put her warm little body next to mine and we slept for a few hours.

A dream come true that day was! Our nurses were horrible so we checked out early to go home. My mom and his mom stayed a few more days to help us get used to being with a new baby, but as much as we loved both of them we secretly couldn't wait for them to leave, so we could have her all to ourselves. And now 12 short years later here we are dealing with pre teen angst and attitude! John thinks I'm kidding when I tell him I would rather deal with teething and potty training than all of this new stuff! I don't know how 12 years have passed so quickly, but I am going to hold on to the next 6 years pretty tightly!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Jordan had her first scimmage on Saturday with her new team, and she loved it! The ended up losng both games, but they all learned a lot about each other and how they need to learn to trust one another. Each of these girls who have been picked for the club team played in some sort of community recreation team and they were basically the "stars" of the team and learned early on that it was up to them to carry the team. Well, now they are a team full of stars and they are not used to being able to rely on anyone else to be there to back them up. And boy did that show on Sat! They have a real tournament this coming weekend and I think that they will be better than they were Sat. The first game thy pretty much got walked all over, but still only lost 3-0..not bad considering they are a bronze team and they played a silver team (just ranking of teams experience, etc). By the second half of the second game you could see that they were starting to rely on one another and they looked like they could actually do something together! They ended up losing 2-1, but I think they will just continue to get better and better. They just started practicing together not even a month ago...soooo.... Jordan also looked pretty good in the goal. She needs to learn how to dive for the ball a bit more though. She is going to get a trainer for that and I need to buy her some goalie pants so she will be less worried about hurting her legs when she is going for a ball. We will also look into some goalie camps for her to go to this summer as well. It was so cute though, yesterday Jordan and Brooklyn wee outside playing and we could hear Jordan "training" Brooklyn...they came in huffing and puffing and smelling like puppy dogs, but they both had big ol grins! Good memories for both of them!

Sydney ended up hanging out with one of her friends on Sat while we were at Jordans games. She had a good time and came home happy...well that is until she was told to do her chores...I swear one of us is not going to make it through this pre teen/teenage crap! I think I just may run away! They eye rolling, the teeth sucking, the ATTITUDE! UGH! What happened to my sweet, chubby cheeked little girl? And who is this surly, grouchy monster that has relaced her?! There are days I honestly dread her attitude! The holier than thou persona...enough already! I mean, really, I know that she is a bundle of hormones, but my goodness! And this is just the beinnig! I know she is going to make me have grey hair, I just know it!

On our way back from Jordans game we stopped to get something to eat, I was so hungry and ordered a shredded beef burrito from this place. We went through the drive through since we had to pick Brooklyn up from Grandmas house. My mouth is watering and I am so ready to dig into my burrito. So, I open up my container and stick my fork into it, and wouldn't you know it They put GROUND BEEF and not the shredded beef I had asked for!!UGH!!!!!!! Of course we were already back on the freeway by that point..I was so not happy! Oh well, I just ate it and went on with the day...even though I was irritated! :D On a positive note though, when we stopped to get Jordan and Brooklyns sandwiches they were both FREE!!! I have a coupon book that gives us a free kids meal each tim we go in and I had a stamp card that was full so I use them both for free food...can't beat that!

Yesterday we just laid around and were all lazy bums! It felt good! Today though (no school for MLK day) I am back at i...laundry, girls cleaning thier room (in between arguments) and then later this afternoon they all have dentist appts, then Jordan has soccer practice. Back to the daily grind for us!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ok...you are kidding me right?!

Ok...last night I go pick Jordan up from dance, bring her home to eat and take a shower and get ready for bed before I have to go get Sydney at 9. We get home and I'm tinkering around the kitchen and whatever when all of a sudden I hear the most horrendous crash ever! I whip around to see Jordan standing there with eyes as big as saucers and my computer tower lying on the floor!! My heart dropped and I was afraid to go check it out....I kept saying "You are freaking kidding me, right?" She is crying, I'm panicking and of course, Brooklyn is in the backgrsound going "OOOHHHHHH", NOT helping Brooklyn! So I get to the computer and the entire face of it is off the tower....not good! I am freaking out, she is in her bed crying and I'm trying to remind myself that it was just an accident...very bad, but still just an accident...I get it bak onto the desk and try to turn it on...black screen and a not saying to reboot and insert disk...WHAT TH HECK does THAT mean? I admit I am sooooo not computer savvy, but even I knew this wasn't good! I have 3..yes 3...more payments on this thing and then that's it! I call the business I got it from and the guy I know from there just happens to answer, thank goodness! I tell him what happend and he says "Ok, so you are telling me that you turned the computer on today and it's just not working, CORRECT?" Ummm, yup that is exactly what I am tellin ya buddy!!! ;) So, he comes out today and brings me a loaner and mine should hopefully be back in about 2 weeks! CRAZY I tell you! Poor Jordan! She was so scared that we would be super mad at her! Now, I am not pleased that she is such a klutz, but noone got hurt...just all my pics that I had just uploades yesteray are gone....*sigh*..but I can just upload them again I guess...ugh! So I get to enjoy a brand new computer for 2 weeks while mine gets all nice and fixed (the guy thinks the hard drive got bent...) Things could be worse I suppose!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ok Angie...here are some pictures already!

Ok, Angie...since you have been hounding me for pics I thought I would oblige you, now I posted one with me it...where is YOURS????Hmmmmm??? ;)

here are the girls at the Nutcracker in December. It was so pretty and the girls loved to see the ballet!

Here is Sydney before going out with her Grandma in December
Jordan on the Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped so the girls could see it and walk on the bridge on our way home from my moms at Thanksgiving.

a family picture from Ft. Bragg during our trip up north. It was gorgeous that day!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our holiday

Our last day of school was Dec. 19 and boy were we all ready for a break! The kids at school could hardly contain themselves anymore and my girls were just ready for some serious down time!

That Friday was a minimun day so we got out at 12:40. I had my girlfriend, Tracie's, daughter (who just happens to be Brooklyns best friend as well) with me. We had to run to JC Penny's to pick up the pictures of the girls and my nephew so I could get frames for them for my MIL and my grandma for Christmas. After that we went to Bereans where I was sneaky and got Jordan and Brooklyn their own bibles for a Christmas gift..I have become pretty sneaky over the years in buying gifts for the girls when they are with me...I think it is a skill aquired once you have kids! :O) We also went to the mall to see the big man..yes Santa pictures! Now the little girls were very excited..however, Sydney not so much!LOL! She was highly upset with me for "not telling her that her picture was going to be taken", you know when you are almost 12 you MUST look perfect at all times, plus I'm sure she felt she was much too cool to have her pic taken with Santa! TOO BAD!! If I want your darn picture with Santa then that is what I am going to have!!! ;) So I get a pic of all 3 girls together then I get one of Brooklyn and Kylie, they were very cute! While we were at the mall I picked up a Boston Celtics #1 Fan license plate for my FIL, he was raised in Boston and loves the Celtics to this day. I also got my cousin a Patriots freezer glass and John a 49er freezer mug (which just happened to be one of his favorite gifts!LOL). We grabbed a Wetzels Pretzel and then headed out. I dropped them at dance and went home to do some wrapping. It ended up being a long day, but a productive one as well.

That Saturday the girls had a Christmas show at the studi...from 10 until 3....3 seperate shows every 2 hours or something...that was a loooong day!!! The girls did a beautiful job though and loved every minute of it, especially Sydney! They had a gift exchange according to age levels after the show, Brooklyn got some really cute clay ornaments and candy, Jordan got a High School Musical fashion book something or other (she loved it) and Sydney got a tie blanket from one of her best friends! She loves it! It was so cute because her friends mom was so excited that Sydney got the blanket! We crawled home and went to bed after all that! That Sunday we went to church and saw a performance of stomp to Christmas music...it was fabulous! The youth groups put it on and did an amazing job! At one poing they had Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus on stage with "Mary Did You Know" playing and on the screen they were showing scences from "Passion of the Christ", it was very powerful and very moving, not a dry eye in the house! We went to lunch with our friends (the one who was in the really bad motorcycle accident in Sept, he is doing great and is looking forward to a full recovery soon we are hoping!). They gave us a totally unexpected gift..a $100 gc to our local grocery store! They said it was their way of thanking us for helping them when Mike was in the hospital...I say it was us just being friends when they needed us and they would have done the same for us if we needed it. So it was a ncie way to start the holiday!

John had to work that Monday and Tuesday, so the girls and I were home just hanging out and cleaning up. Christmas Eve we went to my Grandmothers house after we went to the candlelight service at church, it was absolutely beautiful! My grandma and aunt went overboard as usual! The girls got lots of clothes, Brooklyn was thrilled with all the Jonas Brothers stuff she got! Sydney was happy with the new pair of skinny jeans and really cute sweatsuit she got. Jordan loved the peace sign shirt she got...she is so easy to please I swear! We got home late of course and the girls fell asleep. It was raining and cold, so I was happy we had some winter weather! John and I were up for a bit before Santa came watching Dog the Bounty Hunter!LOL!! We finally crawled into bed around 2..not too bad for Christmas Eve I think!

The girls got up around 7:30, so that is an improvement from years past! :) They were really happy with their gifts. Sydney said she wanted clothes and that is what she got! She was so excited and hung everything up right away...the clothes thing is waaay easier than the toy thing btw! Jordan was pleased with all her soccer stuff..new ball, new shin guards, etc. Brooklyn loved all her Polly Pockets stuff! Then they noticed a bunch of stuff behind the tree and when they saw it had their names on it I thought they would ecplode! They opened the big one all together and Santa outdid himself and bought them the Wii!!! They were stunned! Yay Santa!

Later that afternoon we went to my in laws and had Christmas there. They got some Wii accessories and new Vans shoes (which they loved!). The adults in the family draw names and buy for that one person so I got a new bread machine from my Secret Santa...I love it and have made a few loaves already to rave reviews! I was Johns Secret Santa, he wanted new shoes, and I wasn't about to try to get him some, he is sooo picky about his shoes! So the day after Christmas we went to the outlet mall and he got 4, yes 4 pair of shoes! He got 2 pair at the Addidas store (they were buy one get on 50% off!) so along with his 2 pair and Jodans cleats we only spent $96! Very good prices! Then we went Steve & Barrys where he got 2 more pair of shoes for $7 each! WOW!!! YAY!!!

Jordan had a soccer camp to go to the weekend after Christmas and had the best time! There were a few pros there and she learned so much! It was chilly and sunny...perfect!

For NYE we stayed in and played games all night. I had some wine and boy did that make me tired! I guess the days of partying all night are long gone for me!!!LOL!!! I went to bed around 1 and John and the girls stayed up til I don't know when! We got up and watched the parade and football games. It was a very nice a family oriented holiday. John has never taken that much time off from work before, it was so nice to have him home and we didn't have to be anywhere we didn't want to be! And now we are back into the full swing of things..school, dance, soccer, and Girl Scouts! Ahhh, it was nice when it lasted, all that peace and nothing to do!LOL! Happy New Year to you all!!!