Monday, February 23, 2009

And we're off..

What a crazy weekend! First of all it was the first competition of the year yesterday, and as of Friday I didn't have all the little stuf I needed! No surprise there, so I was running around like a crazy person Friday afternoon/evening getting all the things the girls needed. Ugh, such a chore!

I didn't pick the girls up until 8 from dance, so I was able to get the groceries put away, for the most part before I picked them up. Brooklyns birthday was Sat and she wanted lasagne for dinner that night, well I knew that on Sat there would be no way I would have the time or the energy to make lasagne so after I got the girls we came home, they took quick showers, hung out with daddy for for a minute and then were off to bed and I got to work on the lasagne. By the time it was ready to go in the oven it was almost 11:30, I was beyond exhausted so John threw it in the oven for me since he was staying up..yay for my dh! I fell in the bed and slept hard until about 6:30 Sat morning when I had to get up. :(

I had to get up that early on a Sat morning because I have been slacking in the housework dept lately....shocker I know! But, I also had to get some Girl Scout stuff done for Thinking Day.I got the laundry going, picked up the living room and then started cutting out the rest of the Chinese New Year calendar pieces. Jordan heard me up so she got up and actually helped me a lot! We got the pieces cut out and then got ready to head out. I took Sydney and Brooklyn to dance, then Jordan and I headed for the Thinking Day activities. Our troop chose China and our booth was awesome if I do say so myself! The girls made a dragon and drew a picture of The Great Wall, we had egg roll samples and fortune cookies with a personalied saying inside. We had 2 activities for the girls to choose from, they could either make a fish kite or glue together a Chinese Calendar. We had Chinese music going and lanterns hanging, it was great! There were lots of fun booths for the girls to walk around and visit. My co leader brought our Brownies after dance class and they had a ball! She ended up taking them back to the studio and I stayed to help clean up. It was a busy and long afternoon, but it was a lot of fun too!

After the clean up was done I stopped to get Brooklyn some birthday balloons before heading to the studio for dress rehersal. We got done with rehersals around 6:30, then we headed home with Brooklyns best friend so they could watch High School Musical 3 and have lasagne for her bithday. I dropped her friend off at 8:30 then it was home for bed for the girls! I went through costumes one last time and then headed to bed around midnight....I was beat!

5:45 comes mighty early in the morning!!! My girlfriend dropped er daugter off with me to take to the competition since she had school (she is going to be a nurse and had to put in her hours at the hospital...12!). We got to the competition around 7:15 and were off to the races from that point on....make up, hair, costume changes, cheering, awards...all in a days work at a competition! The girls were always! Sydney is dissapointed because her tio got a 2nd place and they've never gotten a nd at this comp before, but the dance was so good, I just think the judges didn't appreciate the quirkiness of it and that's ok, another day or different judges could change the whole thing! Our studio took Top Platinum Studio though, so it all worked out! We didn't get home til after 9:30 and we are all dragging today! But no rest for us, Sydney has a competition and convention this coming weekend, so we get to do it all over again in a few days, but this time it will be 2 1/2 days instead of just one, but it's only Sydney and not the other 2 (they will be staying with friends, phew!). I am soooo ready to be off track in 2 weeks!

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