Monday, February 16, 2009

It's raining it's pouring

I love it! A nice big rainstorm is just what I needed! It feels so good here, nice and cool and, well, rainy!!! LOL!

The girls and I didn't have school or work today, although I did have to have Sydney at dance at 9:30 this morning, but that's ok. Jordan and Brooklyn have been playing nicely giving each other makeovers. I of course wanted to clean the whole house today, but it is now 2 pm and I've yet to really do much of anything!LOL! Oh well! 3 weeks until the girls and I are off track so I'm not too worried!

I'm assuming that Jordan doesn't have soccer practice tonight since the heavens have been opeening up all day, so I will just make dinner for the girls to take then take them to dance. Brooklyn and I will come home around 5 and she will take a bath and do some reading. I will pick the other 2 up at 9 tonight...yup, Sydney will have been at the studio almost 12 hours by the time she comes home tonight! INSANE! Their first competition is next Sunday and they aren't all the way ready yet....happens every year though, so I think it will all be ok! So, that's all from here for now, nothing too exciting going on for sure!!! I think I need to get a hobby!!! :)


Coolwhip said...

Enjoy the rain Shawn!! I am patiently waiting on spring, but it's still a long ways off yet!! As far as hobbies go...might I suggest counted cross stitch? It's the perfect thing to keep the mind and hands busy while sitting at dance competitions, etc. for hours on end!! Just a thought!! ;o)

Shawn said...

Ohhhh, good one Angie! We will be there from 7:30 am to after 8 pm thi coming Sunday...I just may have to pick something up!

Are you tired of the cold already? In January we had like 22 days over JANUARY!!! Insane!

Coolwhip said...

I try not to complain too much about the cold, for 2 reasons: I love the snow and you can't have snow without the cold, and because I know come July, I'll be moaning about how flippin' hot it is here!! lol