Monday, April 6, 2009

crazy days!

John is convinced that they overlooked him at work today. The big wig Union guy is in town, so that means that someone is messing up....BIG TIME! John is a Teamster and so the guy in town is pretty high up, and in Jimmy Hoffa, Jrs inner circle (sounds all gangsta, huh?LOL) and they aren't happy that the management here is messing the Sr. guys out of their hours, etc. So, John thinks it will be fixed within the week...phew! They ended up calling him in early for the midnight shift, he will have to be paid for today too, since he knows that Jr guys to him worked and he didn't. It is just a big mess! Hopefully things will calm down soon, otherwise I think I may end up having a stroke!!! ;)

I went in today for an interview at the day care, I think it went well and I'm really hoping we can work out the hours thing. Prayers are welcome!

After I dropped the girls off at school I headed to the gym, I was so stressed out last week I only went once, funny that I know that excersize is good for you if you are stressed, but I could barely put one foot in front of the other let alone get into the gym! I felt really good after getting off the treadmill today though! I'm planning on going again in the morning, and making it my routine for now.

The girls had a good day at school, they were all so happy to be back. They are so funny, and I love how they love school! Brooklyn asked me tonight if she could stay after school every Thursday and practice for an end of the year show doing some kind of cultural dancing. Sure, why not, she was so happy! Sydney has decided to work much harder this trimester and get her grades back to where they should be, she said she was dissapointed in herself and her grades last trimester. I'm pretty impressed with her determination! Jordan is working on her 4th grade mission project, she is doing a great job! We bought a kit and she has been doing it all by herself and it is looking pretty good!

That's about it for now, I'm sure I will be having another crazy week! Putting it in God's hands, or at least trying to!


Coolwhip said...

So glad things are looking up! And I know what you mean about the kids loving makes the mornings, for the most, so much easier!! lol Praying that your interview went very well, and that you'll get the job!! (((HUGS)))

Shawn said...

Thanks! John said that people are mad at work, I told him they better hope they get it figured out soon or all the wives are going to end up down there in their offices! I'm sure they don't want that! LOL! It's nowhere near normal yet, but now that they have this big wig here I don't think it will be long now!

Brooklyn is the only one who is hard to get up in the mornings, she is my sleeper! The other 2 are pretty easy for the most part.

I'm hoping to hear from the asst. director by the end of the week....thinking good thoughts!