Tuesday, April 14, 2009

such a relief!

I called the woman I had my interview with last week, today to touch bases with her. And guess what?! She offered me the job! YAY!!! It is just $10 an hour, but that will pay for groceries and help pay for the girls activites! I feel so much better, like a huge boulder has been lifted from my shoulders! Funny thing is, in church on Sunday our Pastor was literally talking about how Jesus will lift our burdens....and He has in a big way! I am so thankful! I will be getting up with the chickens, but it's just a 4.5 hour job, and then I can still keep the 2 hour job at the school. One of the best things is that I will still be able to pick the girls up from school and take them to their various activities without having to pawn them off onto a friend. So, I get to help John bring more money into our family and still be a mom...so happy! I will not start for at least another week, lots of paperwork and orientation type stuff, but that is ok, just knowing that I do have a job! :)

Now I have to make a schedule and enlist the girls help. Things are going to have to change around here for sure! I will post my new schedule once I figure it out!

*sigh* such a good feeling to know that I have one less thing to stress over in this day and age!


Coolwhip said...

So happy for you and your family!! The girls are all old enough now that they SHOULD be pitching in regardless of this job!! *wink-wink* I just knew you'd get this job...I could feel it!!

Shawn said...

Thanks Angie! Yeah, they do pitch in...after I've threatend them within an inch of thier lives! They are just the typical pre teens, if they aren't the ones who dropped it, put it there, whatever then why should they have to pick it up/put it away...yeah, until I stop doing their laundry, I'm not the one who wears the skinny heans, etc so why should I have to wash it? Ha! You should have seen their faces at that one!!