Friday, April 17, 2009

A good week

It has been a good week around the Wells house! I don't want to jinx it though!!! John got all is over time in on his days off, he is tired, but I know him and he won't turn it down, so I just try to make it cozy here at home for when he gets home and then lots of back rubs and smooches. I found out on Tuesday that I got the job at the day care, so that was great news. The girls are enjoying being back in school and being back with their friends. It has been a very blessed week for sure!

I even made it to the gym 4 out of the 5 days! Yay me! I won't let myself quit or get off the evil machine either (the elliptical) that thing is out to get me I tell you! Actually the first 6 or 7 minutes are the hardest, then I am in a rythym and try to watch the tv that they have on at the gym, it makes the time go by much faster! I really do feel stronger, just wish I was losing more weight. My clothes are fitting better, they aren't stretched to within a cm of thier life anymore, but when I get on the scale I'm not seeing a lot of weight strange! Not sure what is going on, but I know I'm working out hard...all the sweat dripping off my face is a good indicator of that! I will have to do some reseach to see why I'm not dropping pounds.

We have had some wacky weather this past week! We went from cold and raining to dry and super windy and now it is supposed to hit 90 by Sunday! No wonder I have a headache all the time! The other day I was sitting on the couch and watching the pollen in the air literally swirl around in the air, it was insane! I am so not ready for the upcoming heat! It was around 74 today...perfect! But I know that the 95's and up are headed our way sooner rather than!!!

I planted a few plants in containers this year. I did tomatoes, bell peppers and strawberries. I am so excited to get some tomatoes! I love a fresh tomato! I think I may do some cucumbers too maybe this weekend I will grab a plant or two and add it to my little garden.

I think that is about our week in a nutshell. We are going house hunting tomorrow. I am sooo tempted to let John do all the looking and then narrow it down to 3 or 4! I hate this process! It is just headache inducing! Oh well, I guess I will be a trooper and go with him. :)

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