Monday, April 20, 2009

I am hooked!

Way back when, before I had kids, I was an avid reader, I would pick up a book on a Friday and spend the weekend curled up on the couch reading the weekend away, mush to my husbands shock! He has never been much of a reader, never really reading an entire book all the way through High School, he just relied on his ability to flirt his way through tests and such. I on the other hand, have always loved to read! I can remember reading the Flowers in The Attic series over and over with my circle of friends in junior high and then my mom and I reading the Clan of the Cavebear series together, discussing our theories in detail. I read Alas, Babalyon in one weekend when I was a Sophomore or Junior, I loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn too. Reading was my escape, my sanctuary if you will, to a sometime nightmarish step father who yelled and threatened, and hurt my mom. Reading was bliss. *sigh*

Fast forward to my having children. My reading consisted of Dr Suesss and Junie B Jones for years! Oh sure, I would get through an occassional quick read here and there, but hadn't been really consumed by anything in a very long time! Even though my girls read on their own now (even if I have to poke and prod Jordan to do it!) my day is still consumed with running them around and just "doing" for them, you know? Most of Sydneys friends had already read the twilight series, she wanted to read them, but I think she was afraid to read them as well, she was afraid they would be too scary (she is like me and hates scary stuff!). She ended up seeing the movie and them decided to finally read the books. She finished Twilight on Thursday or Friday and we went to Target to pick up New Moon, which she is about 1/4 of the way through already. On Saturday I picked up 11 at night mind you, and I was sucked in from the first page! Syd went to the movies with some friends yesterday and I took Jordan and Brooklyn to McD's for lunch, ok, honestly I took them there so they could play in the play land and I could read! We came home and I put dinner on, John had to work last night, and I started reading again around 5.....I was up until 3 am this morning! I finished the whole book in a bit over 24 hours! I am telling you, I now understand all the hype! It was EXCELLENT!!! I will be buying my own copy of New Moon this afternoon and surpassing Sydney by later this week, I want to read Eclipse before she does...Edward and Bella get their groove on in the 3rd book and although I won't ban Syd from reading the book, I do want to read it first.

I have to say, it feels so good to get lost in a good book! Stephanie Meyers has a gift in writing, I honestly felt like I could feel Edwards cold touch...I felt like I was 15 again! Hooked, hooked, hooked!!!


amy said...

great blog!!! Found your site on the frugal mom site..Looking forward to reading more

Shawn said...

Thanks Amy! What is your screen name on frugal mom?