Thursday, April 2, 2009


I know I have been so bad at keeping up with this! Sorry Angie!!! ;)

I am so stressed out and I am making myself sick, my stomach hurts, I'm giving myself a headache, my shoulders are in a knot. The good news is that John still has a job, however, the paycut and lack of overtime has really taken a toll on his checks! If it keeps up like this I'm not sure how we will make it through the month of April! I've applied for an early morning job at a day care so I can still work at the girls school, but the waiting is killing me! I know I need to leave it up to God, and I am trying so hard to do that, but boy is it hard! John seems to think it will get better, I just hope it gets better before we drown! Pity party over here! :(


Nancy65 said...

Hugs Shawn. Join me in the challenge I have given myself to not buy anything that we do not need ( as far as groceries). Heck.. lets not buy anything we need period. Who can afford too anyway. But I figured food was a good place to start. I am sorry you are stressed. We are all feeling it.. I get that knot when I realize that no one is immune to it. I agree though that you have to give it up to God. We talk about this a lot in Bible study. Sending you prayers and love.

Coolwhip said...

Shawn, I haven't been the best at keep up with my blog either, so don't sweat it. That being said, I totally agree with Nancy. And I for one am up for the challenge as well. I got groceries today, and got some good deals on marked down meats, but honestly, we really didn't need them at the moment, and I could have saved about $16. I have also decided that I think for shorts for Andy this summer, I'm going to cut off some of his jeans that are too short, but still fit him around the waist. I'll hem them too, or ask my MIL to do it for me, as I don't like the cut off look on boys. lol Anyway, you might also want to consider having a family meeting, and discuss cutting back on the girls activities for the moment. I know it's hard, and you don't want to feel like you're taking things away from the girls, but if you're constantly worried and stressing over money, etc. how is that fair to you and John. As a family, you ALL need to make sacrifices for the time being, and just explain to them that it's not a forever thing, and that when the OT picks up or you get another job, you can look into again. But in the meantime, just know that we're here for you, and you're in our prayers. (((HUGS)))