Friday, January 16, 2009 are kidding me right?!

Ok...last night I go pick Jordan up from dance, bring her home to eat and take a shower and get ready for bed before I have to go get Sydney at 9. We get home and I'm tinkering around the kitchen and whatever when all of a sudden I hear the most horrendous crash ever! I whip around to see Jordan standing there with eyes as big as saucers and my computer tower lying on the floor!! My heart dropped and I was afraid to go check it out....I kept saying "You are freaking kidding me, right?" She is crying, I'm panicking and of course, Brooklyn is in the backgrsound going "OOOHHHHHH", NOT helping Brooklyn! So I get to the computer and the entire face of it is off the tower....not good! I am freaking out, she is in her bed crying and I'm trying to remind myself that it was just an accident...very bad, but still just an accident...I get it bak onto the desk and try to turn it screen and a not saying to reboot and insert disk...WHAT TH HECK does THAT mean? I admit I am sooooo not computer savvy, but even I knew this wasn't good! I have 3..yes 3...more payments on this thing and then that's it! I call the business I got it from and the guy I know from there just happens to answer, thank goodness! I tell him what happend and he says "Ok, so you are telling me that you turned the computer on today and it's just not working, CORRECT?" Ummm, yup that is exactly what I am tellin ya buddy!!! ;) So, he comes out today and brings me a loaner and mine should hopefully be back in about 2 weeks! CRAZY I tell you! Poor Jordan! She was so scared that we would be super mad at her! Now, I am not pleased that she is such a klutz, but noone got hurt...just all my pics that I had just uploades yesteray are gone....*sigh*..but I can just upload them again I guess...ugh! So I get to enjoy a brand new computer for 2 weeks while mine gets all nice and fixed (the guy thinks the hard drive got bent...) Things could be worse I suppose!