Monday, January 19, 2009


Jordan had her first scimmage on Saturday with her new team, and she loved it! The ended up losng both games, but they all learned a lot about each other and how they need to learn to trust one another. Each of these girls who have been picked for the club team played in some sort of community recreation team and they were basically the "stars" of the team and learned early on that it was up to them to carry the team. Well, now they are a team full of stars and they are not used to being able to rely on anyone else to be there to back them up. And boy did that show on Sat! They have a real tournament this coming weekend and I think that they will be better than they were Sat. The first game thy pretty much got walked all over, but still only lost 3-0..not bad considering they are a bronze team and they played a silver team (just ranking of teams experience, etc). By the second half of the second game you could see that they were starting to rely on one another and they looked like they could actually do something together! They ended up losing 2-1, but I think they will just continue to get better and better. They just started practicing together not even a month ago...soooo.... Jordan also looked pretty good in the goal. She needs to learn how to dive for the ball a bit more though. She is going to get a trainer for that and I need to buy her some goalie pants so she will be less worried about hurting her legs when she is going for a ball. We will also look into some goalie camps for her to go to this summer as well. It was so cute though, yesterday Jordan and Brooklyn wee outside playing and we could hear Jordan "training" Brooklyn...they came in huffing and puffing and smelling like puppy dogs, but they both had big ol grins! Good memories for both of them!

Sydney ended up hanging out with one of her friends on Sat while we were at Jordans games. She had a good time and came home happy...well that is until she was told to do her chores...I swear one of us is not going to make it through this pre teen/teenage crap! I think I just may run away! They eye rolling, the teeth sucking, the ATTITUDE! UGH! What happened to my sweet, chubby cheeked little girl? And who is this surly, grouchy monster that has relaced her?! There are days I honestly dread her attitude! The holier than thou persona...enough already! I mean, really, I know that she is a bundle of hormones, but my goodness! And this is just the beinnig! I know she is going to make me have grey hair, I just know it!

On our way back from Jordans game we stopped to get something to eat, I was so hungry and ordered a shredded beef burrito from this place. We went through the drive through since we had to pick Brooklyn up from Grandmas house. My mouth is watering and I am so ready to dig into my burrito. So, I open up my container and stick my fork into it, and wouldn't you know it They put GROUND BEEF and not the shredded beef I had asked for!!UGH!!!!!!! Of course we were already back on the freeway by that point..I was so not happy! Oh well, I just ate it and went on with the day...even though I was irritated! :D On a positive note though, when we stopped to get Jordan and Brooklyns sandwiches they were both FREE!!! I have a coupon book that gives us a free kids meal each tim we go in and I had a stamp card that was full so I use them both for free food...can't beat that!

Yesterday we just laid around and were all lazy bums! It felt good! Today though (no school for MLK day) I am back at i...laundry, girls cleaning thier room (in between arguments) and then later this afternoon they all have dentist appts, then Jordan has soccer practice. Back to the daily grind for us!


Coolwhip said...

I LOL'd at your description of Sydney's attitude. Sarah is only 8 (almost 9), and good Lord!! The grey/white hairs I've accumulated thanks to her already!! lol I love my girl, but I'll be honest...I'd have 50 more Andy's before I'd have another Sarah!! lol Good luck!!

Shawn said...

Oh you just wait sister! I thought she was mouthy at 8 I just want to strangl her at times!! I told John the other day I would go through sleepless nihts and potty taining over the preteen/teen stuff any day! He just laughed and said I was crazy...however I am soooo serious!!!:)