Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's hump day!

Here we are middle of the week already! John is leaving for the Bay tomorrow morning to work the football games, he is pretty excited about that! He will be gone til Sunday morning..kind of a long trip this time. It works out though, since there is no dance this week and no soccer games this weekend (thank you Labor Day!!) so he won't be missing anything major.

Speaking of soccer, J is sooo frustrated with her coach this year. He is a first time coach and boy can you tell! She has been telling him what games and such to play and when they run out of ideas they call the practice! Yesterday while we were at B's practice her (B's) coach from last year walked by and asked where J was and said that she could come down and practice with them if she wanted...she jumped on that chance! B's last year coach moved up into the U10's, where J is and they were supposed to get J, but they were out of town and noone would trade, so we got stuck with the guy we are with. But, I swear last night J got more coaching form Anthony in 30 minutes than she has from Art in the past 3 weeks! So now J wants to go to B's practices each time and go hang out with Anthonys team! I think its great that he is willing to work with her even though she is on a team that plays against him..shows a lot about the kind of guy he is, there for the kids regardless! Anyway, I really think that she got her excitment back for the season! YAY!

I went into S's class yesterday to just kind of see what she was up to. I talked to the teacher and she said she is doing really well, apparently she is one of the few to be doing the reading log the correct way...yay for her! She did have a bit of trouble with one of her math questions last night and when she asks John he gets frustrated with her, so I told her I would take her to school early so she coudl ask her teacher..funny she knew better than to ask me for help in math...hmmm...funny!!LOL!

And now we are to B...little stinker that she is! She somehow keeps "forgetting" certain pages in her homework packet...then when I check it she exclaims "Oh! I thought I did that page!" Yeah sure kid! She did a flip off my bed last night and landed on her booty...big ol bruise on her butt! Ding dong..maybe now she knows why I keep telling her to not jump on my bed and do flips! She didn't complain about it this morning, but I know this afternoon when I ask her to do a chore her booty will all of a sudden hurt! She is something I tell ya!

So all in all, we are doing well on this hump day! Hope you all are too!

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