Friday, August 15, 2008

It looks like it threw up on itself!

my house that is!!! Since I found out yesterday that I don't have a job anymore I got a wild hair and decided to start cleaning out the hall closets...all good until it was time to pick up the girls, so I leave the mess in the middle of the hallway and go pick them up. We come home and they grab a snack (or a mini meal in their case...geez!)and start their homework, I, in the meantime realize I need to start dinner, so that gets underway and then all of a sudden it's almost 5:45 and dd3 has to be at soccer practice at 6:00!! So away we go to soccer practice...afterwards we stop at the store for more noodles and head home, only to find out that John is home already...along with the huge mess I left in the hallway! We all walk in and he says to me "Um, babe..whats up with the hallway?" I quickly explain why it looks like the closet threw everything out on the floor and tell him that I will get to it today..yeah right!!! Got the girls to school, came home to start a load of laundry just to find out that I am on my last dryer sheet and leave again to grab everyone lunch so I can go back to the school and eat with them (the school has a family lunch Friday once a month..pretty cool really). THEN, at 1:30 I go to Moreno Valley so I can go to WinCo for some cheaper groceries (I try to stock up there on everything but meat and most produce, I am spoiled by Stater Bros in that dept!), I look at my phone and see that it is 2:50, and I am just getting into line, the girls get out of school at 3:20!!! I'm rushing to get everything bagged up and loaded in the van and then speed through the canyon, only to get stuck behind a very slow car, naturally!LOL! I get to the school at 3:45 and the girls emerge from the office shaking their heads and tapping their wrists like I am so late or something! I take dd1 and her friend to the dance studio and drop them off then come home to have the other 2 workeer bees, I mean dds unload the groceries into the house. So now not only am I looking at bags of groceries that need to be organized and put away I still have the mess in the hallway and tons of laundry to do! UGH!!! So noone spring a surprise visit on me this weekend please!!!! I'm off to organize groceries...what a fun way to spend a Friday night, whatever happend to clubbing and all that carefree stuff I used to do? Hopefully by tomorrow my house will not look ill anymore though!!!

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