Friday, August 29, 2008

a day in the life...

Phew! I am tired!!! John left yesterday, and I never sleep well when he is gone, so I didn't end up falling asleep til after 2 am, and had to get up around I am pooped out! S was sick this morning..but refused to stay home. None of the girls have ever missed a day of school, so she says she is not about to ruin that streak now! I did get a call from her around 3 saying she had just thrown up and could I come pick her up a bit early, I was on my way to the school when I got the message so it worked out. J is at her friends house til about 7 tonight when I go pick her up and B is in my room soaking her feet in the foot massager thing!LOL! I got them all a few shirts and things for school, they didn't really need them, but I got a good deal, so why not? S is hitting that age now when clothes mean much more than they used to even a year ago! Too much!:) I did splurge and got myself a pedicure today..felt lovely!!! Still need to get this house in order this weekend though! Laundry never ends and we are just plain running out of room in this tiny space!!! Oh well, we will make the best of it til we can move I suppose! I'm counting down til we can go pick up J...I want to crawl in the bed and go to sleep!! Hope everyone had a good Friday!

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