Saturday, August 16, 2008

a day in the life of THIS soccer mom!

And we are off!!! Soccer season has officially begun, at least that is what the MC told us this morning at the girls ridiculous opening ceremonies! They make us drag these kids out to the field at the crack of dawn (ok, 8 in the morning, but that is the crack of dawn to me!) all decked out in their nice clean uniforms to be introduced the the public of our community and they then get their pictures taken as well. Oh, did I mention that dd3 who is all of 7 years old has a crisp WHITE uniform...yes I said WHITE!!! Why do they do this to the ones who are responsible for washing those uniforms? Oh it gets better too...I needed to leave after dd3s pictures to take dd1 to dance (where else would she go, right?), I will only be gone a total of maybe 10-15 minutes, so I rush to take her down and when I get back Daddy has so nicley bought the girls some nice snow cones to cool I look at dd3 I notice that on that nice crisp WHITE jersey is a huge red splocth!!! At this point dd2 has not taken her pictures yet, and as I am on the verge of freaking out about dd3s jersey dh tells me to go look at dd2s jersey...yup huge splotch on her light blue jersey! I sure hope those snow cones tasted good girls because they were certainly your last ones for a while!!! We finally get pics done and head to the car dripping with sweat because it has been unusually humid here for the last few days, dh says he wants to go check out the EZ Ups, so off we go...just to end up purchasing one, but it was a good deal, we got a 10x10 for $59.99 instead of $109.99...not bad! So now we can have some shade during all of those soccer!!

after the EZ Up purchanse we head off to Wal Mart to buy a birthday gift for dd2s new friend, we got out of there for just about $25...that is really not bad!! We then go pick up dd1 from teh studio just to be asked if she can spend the night at her friends house..she says she asked on Wed. of she could, and honestly she probably did ask, I am just getting old and can't remember!LOL! We all come home, grab a quick bite before I take dd1 back to the studio with overnight bag, dh went to get a haircut and I drop dd2 at her birthday party...whew! You would think at this point I would get to come home and relax a bit, right? Oh no! Dh comes home and says he wants to go for a ride..ok I'm thinking thats fine..we drive about 1/2 an hour away into the mountains to a little community where he met some guy while he was working the other day. We take a little tour of the community and see several houses for sale, nice houses, but I don't know if I want to make the kind of commute it would intail every day, we would never be home if we moved up there, so we will see about that! on our way out we stopped on the side of the road and took dd3 into the creek that was there and played in the icy cold water for a much fun!!! We went to pick up dd2 from the party, and ended up staying for alomost an hour ourselves! Once we got home I quickly got cozy on the couch and I was out! I slept for a good hour and a half and boy did it feel good!

Now, did I get anything on my list done today? NOPE! Do I care? NOPE!! My kids all had fun in different ways and in one way or another we all got to spend some time together today..what could be better? And I got to take a nap...BOOOYAAAHHHH!!!!!

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