Thursday, August 14, 2008

Opening an old new door

Well, I've officially been laid off..but not to worry, it's a good thing! I've been having lots of problems with my boss, she is a control freakwho has no clue how to teach young children, so it's actually a blessing for me to not be there, although I will miss the kids! Her official story is that the county has not ben paying her for the families who are on assistance and therefore she can't pay the teachers. WHATEVER!!! I call it Karma!!! When you treat people badly you end up getting yours in the end, right?! So, anyway, this morning when I dropped the girls off at school I went to the office to let them know I could sub on the yard or wherever they needed me now, and the principal tells me that the district is allowing her to add 2 more noon duties and did I want one of the postitions? UH....YES!!!! So the job is mine, just have to go through all the formalities of it all, but I am supposed to start the first week of September. Now, it will be about 1/3 of what I was bringing home from the preschool, but I won't have the stress, and I will have the same off days as the girls, including when they are off track! I may even be able to squeeze a class or 2 in there in the mornings as well, we'll see how that goes! And as soon as the lady who is considered the "aide" retires (the woman is 79 years old for goodness sakes!) I will get her 6 hour position and that comes with retirement and benefits!!! God is so good I tell you!!! The girls don't know yet, but I know they will be thrilled with it! As far as $$ goes for the next few weeks, I applied for unemployment today, so we will hopefully hear back from them in th enext week or so. such a relief I cannot even begin got tell you!!!


Coolwhip said...

That's wonderful news Shawn!!! I'm sure you'll all be fine; just watch those pennies!! LOL

Shawn said...

Thanks Angie! You know me, I'm not going down without a fight!
I've been playing with the numbers all morning and I think we will be ok until I start getting a check again...keeping my fingers crossed!
I'm having lunch with the kids at school today (its family lunch friday) and afterwards I'm headed to WinCo to do a good stock you KNOW I'm going over budget this month!!!!