Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun weekend

Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend! Saturday started out like any other Saturday, I dropped Sydney off at biggie! However, after that the craziness started!

I came home to try to get some laundry started, but quickly ran out of time, I had to take Brooklyn to dance at 11. Jordan was already dressed for the Nutcracker, so that was good, however, I had to run and get myself some black pants to wear for the Ballet, so off I went! I was quick though and got back to the studio within half an hour, Sydney was getting dressed and Brooklyn was ready for me to dress her (I had to buy her a dress while I was out too!) She looked so cute...until you got to her feet! She swore up and down that her black dres shoes were at the studio, but were they? Heck no!!! So she ended up wearing some brown summer sandles..she looked crazy! oh we grab some food and are off to the Ballet. We had so much fun! The dancers were amazing and the costumes were gorgeous! The girls got to meet some of the cast afterwards and got some autograghs too. We ran home with just enough time to grab something to eat and then we were off to the Christmas Parade in Redlands with our Girl Scout, but honestly, a parade is just a parade!LOL! We took my little Girl Scout back home and then crawled home...we were tired! Dh had ordered pizza for us all and then we watched the De La Hoya fight...yay Manny!!! I limped to bed around 11, I was just exhausted and fell right asleep.

This morning John had to go to a Union meeting regarding the pay cut they are going to be taking due to the economy..ugh...but at least he still has a job and they aren't touching his benefits! I took the girls to church, then home to have lunch, took Sydney to her extra rehersal for dance at 12, went grocery shopping, came home to put everything away and then back to the studio for Jordans extra rehersal! WHEW!!! Sydney went with 2 of her friends for one of thier birthdays to go see High School Musical 3 and go to a late lunch, she just got home about an hour ago and had a ball. Jordan and I made dinner and now the girls and John, I think, are getting ready to go to bed. I shouldn't be too far behind them!

This was one busy weekend! And the next 2 promise to be just as busy!! December is just crazy this year!!!

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