Friday, January 8, 2010

And the hits keep coming!

*sigh* well, John was laid off from work...can you say FREAKING OUT?! We found out 12/30 and I've been a wreck since then! We have already applied for unemployment, but haven't gotten the paperwork in the mail yet. He has been applying for jobs already, but there's really not much out there! We will just hae tpo buckle down and make this work...I mean what else can we do?! :(

Amid all of our chaos Brooklyn has an All Stars Tournament this weekend, so that will be exciting, she has turned into a pretty good little soccer player! Jordan helped out with the team, so she is excited to see the outcome this weekend as well.

Sydney is still Sydney! She was so mad the other day! Her science teacher lost one of her assignments that she KNEW she did, so Syd came home, but couldn't find it, so what does my brainiac do? She did the assignment all over! LOL! That's my Sydney! :)

I will have to finish later...gotta go make that money...or the little money I can anyway! ;)

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