Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cussed out a soccer ref today

I am so mad! DD2 (who is 9 and one bad mamajama goalie) had her last game today, the game was tied 2-2 in the last qtr. A girl from the other team kicked the ball across the goal box and missed the net by about 3 1/2 feet, it went out and dd2 got it and kicked the goal kick, well this jerk of a ref runs back to the goal (the ball is already back in play BTW) and is looking at the net, looks up and says he is giving the goal to the other team because the net is out of place! NOW..even if the bet were out of place the way the ball was kicked there was no way the ball even came close to the dang goal post! DD2s coaches are out on the field, dh and I, along with most of the other parents are screaming and hollering, but he just gives them the goal anyway. Even the other teams coach (who was dd3s coach last year) said it wasn't a goal!The idiot ref is known for throwing yellow and red cards at anyone for anything...didn't even act like he was going to card anyone...he knew it was a bad call! I told him to freaking card me because I'm going to the board anyway. Then 3 minutes later..yes 3 minutes...he calls the game!!!!! DD2 is bawling in the middle of the field, which just made me more mad! So I of course told the ref exactly what I thought of him...the old me came out and told that jerk off! I already sent an email to the director of refs, so we will see what happens. I'm sooo glad that she is going to a club team next year! We were talking on the way home and she was still upset..poor baby! I asked her what she thought when daddy and I jumped up and she said she was glad, she knew he was wrong and he must not have been a very good player if all he's dong now is reffing (true true!). She said that when she plays in the Olympics she is going to hunt that ref down and tell him "now what?!" That's my girl! This is not the first crappy call he has done on us this year either...another game he ran from the oppostie end of the field and said "I think this girl pushed the other girl so I'm calling it on her" Such an IDIOT!!!! Karma is harder when it comes back around buddy!!!!

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