Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm still up

It is now almost 11:30 the night before we are leaving and I'm still up trying to get things done...par for the course around here!

I did manage to get done what I wanted to do today though. I took the girls for lunch at Miguel Jrs (yum!!) then we headed over to get the girls hair trimmed.

Sydney and Jordan just got a trim, enough to get rid of those dead ends. Brooklyn on the other hand, got a full on haircut! For years she has been begging me to let her cut her hair shorter, I always refused...I didn't want my baby to not have hair for me to put up in pretty bows and things. Well, today she convinced me to let her do it! She got a really cute little bob, no bangs though. I can straighten it and flip the ends up or curl them under, or I can just throw some mousse in it and srunch it up for a curlier look. She loved first. Then, as her exhaustion set in (from staying at Kylies house for 2 nights in a row and hanging our all day every day since Wed with her) all of a sudden she started to cry and say how the lady cut her hair too short and she hated it! well...if that's not a girl for ya!LOL! I can remember sitting in front of my mirror when I was about 19 and sobbing because my friend (who was a hairdresser) chopped my long curly hair off into a bob that I just hated (I did end up loving it after a while though!). So, she is my daughter afterall! I think once I start playing with it with her and show her we can make it look really cute she will be ok, and once she gets some sleep and she gets used to it she will be just fine, if not lets hope her hair decides to grow fast!

After the haircuts we headed to the Mall for Sydney to use her gift card. First we went into Charollotte Rouse and foudn her some stupid skinny jeans...I jsut don't get that look! I am much more of a boot cut kind of girl...but then again I'm not an almost 12 year old girl with legs that go forever either!LOL! We then headed over to Hollister and she spent her gc on 2 shirts and I ended up getting Jordan a shirt too..yes I am a sucker!

I looked at Lane Bryant, but with 4 girls, 2 of whom were on the verge of a breakdown we didn't stay too long. I didn't really see too much anyway. We went to the bank and then headed home before it was time to jet off again to drop everyone off where they needed to be. I ran to Catherines and found 2 pair of jeans (I am loving the new color coded sizing system!) I had a coupon so I got $10 off my purchase and walked out of there only $46 out fo pocket...not bad!:)

After I dropped Sydney and her friend off at dance I headed over to get my brows waxed and my feet done...a little bit of silence and heaven you would think, right? Of course not! Jordan kept calling me wanting to know where I was! UGGH! I ran to Wal Mart and picked up a few things for the trip and then picked up the girls and grabbed dinner. On my way home, with a million things running through my head I all of a sudden remebered I needed to drop the key off with Tracie so she could feed the cat! So after chatting with her for half an hour I finally got home at 8:15 tonight! *sigh* I'm almost done packing everyone up, the girls have collapsed into bed, John is asleep and I will hopefully be headed to dreamland soon (after I finish cleaning up the kitchen and putting the last load into the dryer and running the dishwasher) I think I will so be sleeping on Interstate 5 tomorrow!

I will try to check in here while I am gone, but if I don't I will be thinking of my friends and family (the ones we won't be with this coming week) and hoping that everyone has a blessed holiday and that you all cherish the time you get to spend with your family and friends! Love to all!

Packing it up....

Why do I always wait until the last second to pack anything?!?!? We are leaving for Northern California tomorrow morning and do I have anything packed? NOPE!!! I have known about this trip since...oh, August...and I am sooo not ready! I have to take Sydney to Hollister so she can use her gift card, I need to go to Ross so I can get some jeans for my big behind, I would like to get to Catherines...I just found a coupon, so maybe I will make a trip over that way. I need to get the girls a haircut..and maybe myself a trim too, if there is time. I promised the girls I would take them to lunch too..quick burritos probably. And I still have to pack our clothes...

Oh, and I have to drop Sydney off at her Girl Scout leaders house at 3:30, Jordan and Brooklyn have dance and I would love to get my eyebrows done and a pedicure...I really want to be able to squeeze that in!

John took today off..I wasn't expecting that! He has to get a haircut as well and has to pack for himself. But, as of now he is still sitting on th ecouch eatching tv...well I guess I'm no better since I'm here on the computer!LOL!!

I wanted to get the house clean before we left (big dreams I know) especially since Tracie is coming over twice a day to feed the cat and clean the litter box...thank you so much! My poor Casper is going to be lonely!

I have Kylie today as well...she and Brooklyn have been together since Wed and they are both exhausted. They are usually running around like crazy people but today they are laying on my bed zoned out in from of the TV. Best friends you know...they just go with the flow together..gotta love them!LOL!

So, I guess I should go start my that it is already 10 am!HA!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cussed out a soccer ref today

I am so mad! DD2 (who is 9 and one bad mamajama goalie) had her last game today, the game was tied 2-2 in the last qtr. A girl from the other team kicked the ball across the goal box and missed the net by about 3 1/2 feet, it went out and dd2 got it and kicked the goal kick, well this jerk of a ref runs back to the goal (the ball is already back in play BTW) and is looking at the net, looks up and says he is giving the goal to the other team because the net is out of place! NOW..even if the bet were out of place the way the ball was kicked there was no way the ball even came close to the dang goal post! DD2s coaches are out on the field, dh and I, along with most of the other parents are screaming and hollering, but he just gives them the goal anyway. Even the other teams coach (who was dd3s coach last year) said it wasn't a goal!The idiot ref is known for throwing yellow and red cards at anyone for anything...didn't even act like he was going to card anyone...he knew it was a bad call! I told him to freaking card me because I'm going to the board anyway. Then 3 minutes later..yes 3 minutes...he calls the game!!!!! DD2 is bawling in the middle of the field, which just made me more mad! So I of course told the ref exactly what I thought of him...the old me came out and told that jerk off! I already sent an email to the director of refs, so we will see what happens. I'm sooo glad that she is going to a club team next year! We were talking on the way home and she was still upset..poor baby! I asked her what she thought when daddy and I jumped up and she said she was glad, she knew he was wrong and he must not have been a very good player if all he's dong now is reffing (true true!). She said that when she plays in the Olympics she is going to hunt that ref down and tell him "now what?!" That's my girl! This is not the first crappy call he has done on us this year either...another game he ran from the oppostie end of the field and said "I think this girl pushed the other girl so I'm calling it on her" Such an IDIOT!!!! Karma is harder when it comes back around buddy!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hurt feelings

On a forum I frequent I got my feelings hurt pretty badly this week. On Tuesday night I posted a thread that simply said "Congratulations Mr. President Elect" And said that we had all been part of an historical event. That was it...then someone posted how scared she was for the country and proceeded to post outright lies about the new President. I replied that I didn't want the thread to become a debate and it was simply a congratulations and that was it. Well, it continues via PMs and in the end I was called a "baby killer" and I was a "typical liberal". Now, I am a liberal, and don't take offence to being called one, however the "tone" that she used was clearly trying to take a dig at me. To me, you can debate without being nasty and name calling. my feeling is if you can't debate just the issues then you shouldn't post outright lies and then try to defend what you know nothing about! I don't think the gov. should be allowed to tell you what you can do with your own body, but that is just my opinion and I know that others don't feel that way, which is fine. Seperation of church and state is becoming a hot topic and I think it will be in the news much more than it is now. I thought that living in America you lived in the land of the free, but I guess that as long as that doesn't apply to peoples taxes then everything else is fair game!