Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Now we aren't stuck at home anymore!"

This is Jordans facebook post. The van looks like it's fixed, and she is most excited that we are now mobile once again! However, I rather liked the fact that I couldn't go anywhere!

Having to stay at home is such a luxury and the girls just don't get it!lol! With school starting for everyone within the next 2 weeks I am just enjoying hanging out and not having to be anywhere. The Summer did not go as we planned, when does anything these days though? With John being off work the first 2 weeks that I was off with the injury to his knee he didn't get paid for that first week it really put us behind (more than we already were!) Then the bathtub got clogged up (ugh!! hopefully that will be fixed this weekend) then after the girls and I got back from visiting with my mom the van dying and Johns car having a flat, it has not been the most relaxing of vacations!

I am very grateful that all of this happened while the girls and I were off though, I can't even imagine if it happened when if we were at work/school! What a mess that would have been! I am also grateful that John was able to replace the starter on his own, pretty impressed actually! And I am very grateful that we know people that could help us to figure out what the small problem was instead of us having to pay for a tow to the shop and then neing charged whatever crazy amount it would have been to replace fuses!

This year has been such a whirlwind of change for us, and I really needed the time off, however I would LOVE if I had even more time off...ooohhhh how I would love to hit the lotto!! But, I go back to work in 2 weeks, Jordan and Brooklyn go back to school next Thursday and Sydney goes back August 6. I'm glad I have a job in these times, but I'm even happier that I have a job that allows me to be off as much as I am! hehe!

So although my 11 year old is thrilled that we aren't stuck at home anymore....I would much rather be stuck here at home!!

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