Saturday, July 17, 2010


Normally through the year our weekends are jam packed with kids activities, so when the Summer hits and we have very few things going on, I revel in it!!!

With the van not running I had to use Johns car to go to the grocery store. You should know his car has NO A/C!!! NO GOOD!!!! Anyway, Brooklyn and I went grocery shopping and then home to unload it and while we were at it I started dinner in the crockpot (steak and black bean chili) before John went to work. It won't really be ready until he gets home tonight, but it sure looks and smells good!!!

I should be starting laundry, but it is too flippin hot to be doing anything!! I will seperate it though, that counts right?! ;)

Sydney is at friends house for the weekend, so it's just me, Jordan and Brooklyn for the evening. I think we may just hibernate in my room where the air is on....I'm so tired of being hot and it's only July!!! :(

So, I guess I will throughly enjoy my non eventful weekend!!!

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