Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer?

Oh how I wish!!! My visions of lounging around in the early mornings and simple tidying up in the house during the day haven't yet happened this Summer! :(

The beginning of the Summer started much like the rest of the year has gone...full of stress! I'm determined to not let it get me down though, God will get me through and I will be stronger for it!

I go back to work August 3, Sydney goes back August 6 and Jordan & Brooklyn go back July 29. Soooooo, within that time I will get things in order around here! I have a ton of things in my room that can be donated or thrown out, Brooklyns clothes need to be gone through, the garage needs to be cleaned up and Jordan has clutter galore in her room! It will get done, or I will stress myself out trying!!! :)


Coolwhip said...

You can do it Shawn!!! I'm in the same boat too!! I have so much to go through as far as all the crap we've accumulated over the years goes, it'll take me forever!! But I don't have forever, I have about 2 months, before a HUGE community sale with my MIL!!
BTW....whats with the 6 months between posts?!?!!? I thought I was bad about that!! lol

Shawn said...

I know! I am so bad!!! I just get busy and then don't post anything!! So bad! :(