Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finally...a minute to breathe!

Good Saturday morning! It is gorgeous here today, supposed to be near 80! I am much more of a cool weather person, but the warm sun feel fantastic this morning! The nice weather in combination of having a very laid back day is just what I needed :)

I'm sitting in front of the school waiting for Jordan to get out of Saturday School. Now, this is not the Sat School I remember growing up! If I would have had to go to Sat School I'm positive my mom would have been quite upset with me! This, however, is something different. The school is giving kids who may have missed a day or two to make it up and basically erasing that absence! The school benefits too of course, they get $15 for each child that makes up the missed day, so its a win win! And with state testing coming up its a good thing. Jordan was hoping to get her weekend homework done this morning, that would be nice!

After Sydney & I dropped Jordan off we headed to Wal Mart, not my favorite place since they don't support Unions, but sometimes you just have to go where the prices are a bit better! I got a lot of my shopping done before dropping Syd off at dance. Then I hit the new Goodwill store, I picked up a shirt for Syd or Brooklyn, whoever wants it, and some cereal bowls, both for $8 :) then I hit the grocery store and stocked up on the good deals (6 packs of small gatorade bottles for $1.99!!) I grabbed a breakfast burrito and am now waiting for Jordan to be done. The birds are singing, I just heard an owl (!!!) The snow covered mountains look beautiful, especially since there isn't any ugly smog!!! Big bonus! I just got to chat with the girls 2nd grade teacher...seriously one of the BEST teacher placed on this earth!!! God gave her a gift to work with kids and my girls were blessed to have her as a teacher!

John will go to work this afternoon while the girls and I clean the house, it is such a mess! Since Syd and I were gone at a dance convention last weekend nothing really got done, and these cute little monster puppies are destroying the garage, so we will be in there as well.

Tomorrow is church, Jordan has a game and Sydney has a cookie booth for Girl Scouts, not too shabby of a day! One more week until the girls and I are off for 2 weeks for Spring Break...whoo hoo!!!!

Enjoy the day!!

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