Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year to throw open the doors and windows and let Spring in! That is, as long as its not still storming where you are! Since we are on Spring Break for the next 2 weeks it is going to be a very busy time for the Wells Clan! :) While I'm sure the girls had visions of sleeping in and lounging their days away that is not what mama has envisioned!!! Let the cleaning & purging begin!!!

We let the puppies outside over the weekend and they did beautifully! So that is where they spend their days while they still sleep in the garage at night. It has made cleaning up after them so much easier! Saturday John and I used the Shop Vac in the garage and boy did that help!! John and Jordan also worked on the front yard, which looks fabulous! I worked on the GINORMOUS heap of laundry, and made a small dent! Afterwards the 3 of us went to Hometown Buffet to celebrate Jordans birthday sans her sisters (they were at a dance party and a Girl Scout event), it was nice to spend time with her on her own. :)

Yesterday was spent working on more laundry and then the regular dance and soccer schedule got in the way! Haha! So today I am cleaning out the front living room/dining room and am going to shampoo the rug...it really needs it!

So I'm off! Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Coolwhip said...

Hope you get a lot done around your house while you're on spring break!! Maybe if the girls chip in, you can take them thrifting as a reward!! I can't wait til I can get a chance to take Sarah & Andy!! =)