Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday

After a jam packed Saturday it is nice to just hang out today. Our weekend started out busy..J had a soccer game Friday night (they lost 2-1) and then we ended up staying at the field til almost 9:30 talking to some friends. We had to be back at the soccer field by 7:30 for B's 8:00 game (they won 6-0 and she scored 2 goals!), the girls and I stayed at the field so we could watch our friends kids play, then I dropped B off at dance and took J and everyone else back up to the field for J's second game of the weekend (they won 3-1). Then John took B to sushi with some friends, while I took S home and J BACK up to the field so she could watch another soccer game (she ws "scouting" out her competiton for next weekend) can anyone say GYM RAT?!?! Like mother like daughter!LOL! After that last game J and I went to the grocery store and then finally got home to put it all away. J then fell asleep and John and B came home around 5, I was wiped out by then and made some oh so healthy pizza rolls for S, J and I for dinner. I was in bed by 9:30, J and John stayed up way too late I'm sure! It was a good Saturday, just a long one!

Today I didn't wake up til about felt so good! I only got up then so I could check my fantasy football teams!LOL!!! I started laundry and J and I played the game Life. I haven't played that game in so long and that little bugger is such a cheater!LOL! Since then I've continued with laundry, make choc. chip mini muffins, a few dozen oatmeal rasin choc chip cookies and checked my teams on line! S took a MUCH needed nap...puberty is taking a lot out of her!:) John just taught J how to play poker...grrreeaatt!!! and S and B are now playing Life. The girls want breakfast for dinner and John and I want chicken enchiladas, so I will be in the kitchen for a while tonight looks like!

All in all it's just the way I like to spend my Sunday...everyone home safe and healthy and jsut kicking back! I am pretty blessed!

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Coolwhip said...

Sounds like you've all had a great weekend!! Ours wasn't too bad until late Sunday night. We lost our power due to winds leftover from Hurrican Ike, and it's not been on since. The kids have not had school all week, and I had to throw away all the food in our fridge. YIKES!! Anyway, just wanted to check in real quick, while the generator is on (and before it konks out on me). Brian, as you can imagine, is SUPER busy right now!! UGH!