Monday, September 8, 2008

What a week!

I haven't been keeping up at all with this! After we found out last week about our friend Mike and his accident it's just been one thing after another! My mother in laws dog ended up having a canine stroke, he is 17 and starting to shut down, poor guy! One of Johns coworkers passed away from cancer last week as well. Plus me being out of work John feels like he has to work all this crazyovertime, plus keep up withdoing the football games, so he is just exhausted!

I'm trying to get back in the groove of staying home all would think it would be easy, but I need a daily kick in the butt and get my sorry self on a schedule!!! The girls also went back to dance last week, so that pus us home really late (S is not done until ( pm on M & W!!!) so it's just all a matter of scheduling and budgeting. I'll get it though! I don't have any other choice!! I need to get my fingerprints done so I can start up at the school, so I have that on my to do list for the week as well.

On a good note, J won her soccer game...that girl is a super start goalie! She stops shots that are unbelievable!!! I swear she has robatic arms that just come out and scoop the ball up as its on the verge of going into the net...thats my baby!!! She says she is going to the Olympics in 2016...and I believe her!! She is so in her element on that field, and of coures likes the fact that she can tell "her" defense where they need to be! She is quite the conductor! I think if she could she woudl play soccer all day every day! We already have other parents and coaches coming up to compliment us on her skills...I tell them to tell her not me, she's the one out there doing all the work!

So, I guess thats it for now. The pile of laundry is screaming at me louder and louder so I guess I should get to it! LOL!

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